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These topics caught my attention in the last 24 hours:

  • Super Tuesday Analysis
  • What’s Next?
  • Great Falls Public Schools


Tuesday night was a fun night. It was super fun if you are a supporter of Joe Biden. Throughout the evening I posted most of the results on Twitter and on The Western Word Facebook page. I hope you were able to check-in and share in the excitement.

It looks like Biden won nine of 14 states Tuesday night. He won Texas. Bernie Sanders was declared the winner of California by some in the media. Sanders also won Colorado, Utah, and his home state of Vermont.

The state of Maine is still too close to call.

The sad thing about Tuesday night was reports from several news organizations that voters had to wait in line up to three hours to vote in places like Texas and California. This is ridiculous and shameful that in 2020 we have to wait that long to vote.

Sanders supporters are blaming some of the losses Tuesday night on Elizabeth Warren because she took some far-left votes from Sanders. Tuesday night should be the end of the Warren campaign. She came in third in her home state. Mike Bloomberg called it quits this morning. (NBC)

The race for the Democratic nomination for President is between Biden and Sanders. Biden leads in the delegate count.

The moderates (Klobuchar, Buttigieg, and Steyer) quitting the race before Super Tuesday helped Biden tremendously.

Since Biden seems to have the momentum (Joe-mentum) I’m sure we’ll see the Ukraine shit make a comeback. Whoops, I guess it already did.


The next primaries are Tuesday, March 10, with Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Washington participating. (Source)

Montana’s primary is June 2.

The next debate is Sunday, March 15, in Phoenix.


The anti-public schools’ people in Great Falls are always bitching and griping about the salaries of the administrators and the superintendents of the public schools.

I wonder what they will be saying about Great Falls City Manager Greg Doyon getting a new contract that pays him $161,569 annually. (GF Tribune)

It is taxpayer money that pays him just like taxpayer money pays teachers, administrators, and superintendents. That’s more than anyone on their little spreadsheet that shows the salaries of the leaders in the Great Falls Public Schools.

Recently this group complained that the Great Falls Public Schools Superintendent’s salary is higher than the Montana Governor’s and Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court.

Doyon’s new salary is also more the Montana Governor! It’s also more than the Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court!

Great googly moogly!

There are five Great Falls city commissioners (The mayor plus four commissioners) and according to the Tribune, the vote was 5-0 in favor of the raise for Mr. Doyon.

I will be supporting the next school levy. It’s an investment.