The Wednesday Read

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These topics caught my attention in the last few days:

  • Montana Lottery & Sports Betting
  • Marijuana Legalization
  • Commissioner Joe Briggs
  • Major League Baseball
  • One More Thing


Lee Newspapers is reporting that a Billings-based investment group has followed through with its promise to sue the Montana Lottery over new rules stating sports bets can be placed only in bars, taverns, and restaurants with specific alcohol licenses.

Good for them.

I think Montana could get more bang for their buck if they allowed sports betting through an app from anywhere in the state. The state already has a great app for the Montana Lottery. They could add to that or create a stand-alone one for sports betting.


MTN News is reporting that a committee seeking to legalize marijuana in Montana has formally submitted two proposed initiatives it is trying to get onto the November ballot. On Monday, New Approach Montana filed the text of their initiatives with the Montana Secretary of State’s Office. (MTN)

When they start collecting signatures, I would encourage all Montanans to support getting the initiatives on the ballot in November so Montana voters can voice their preferences.


The Great Falls Tribune is reporting that Cascade County Commissioner Joe Briggs is in Washington, D.C. to attend President Donald Trump’s signing of a trade agreement with China Wednesday.

The Tribune reported this interesting tidbit:

Briggs, who serves on the executive committee of the National Association of Counties, told the Tribune by telephone Tuesday from Washington, D.C. that he’s really not sure why he was invited.

Briggs told the Tribune he is traveling there “on his own dime.”

That’s a good thing – we wouldn’t want to waste taxpayer dollars for some unknown reason…


The Houston Astros and the Boston Red Sox got caught cheating. This was during the 2017 and 2018 seasons. Ironically, they won the World Series those years.

They developed a way to steal signs and let their batters know.

The managers were fired. The Astros General Manager was fired.

If Major League Baseball wants to clear this up, they should vacate the World Series wins for both teams, and give the victory to the team that lost to the Astros and Red Sox. In both cases, that team would be the Los Angeles Dodgers.


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  1. The State needs to do a few things in regards to sports gambling. First they need to change the law and allow fantasy players to do so over the internet. We are one of only five states that doesn’t allow it. Next, they need to re-configure payouts for their current fantasy racing and football through the lottery to reward the best player. Currently it is possible to win the week and make less money than the 2nd or 3rd place teams. Lastly, the State requires a certain payout percentage on all fantasy leagues in the state but doesn’t provide that same payback percentage through their own fantasy games. I could go on but I’m sure you get the point.

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