The Wednesday Read

January Makes Me Shiver

Back in January 2011, I wrote a column about my feelings toward the month of January. These are not good feelings because I actually hate January.

I thought about the old column as I was looking at the weather forecast and see that it’s supposed to get colder and it may snow. This is a typical January in Montana. Ugh!

Since the holiday break is over and we’re well into this terrible month, I thought today would be a great day to re-post the column with some additional thoughts.


In the song “American Pie” Don McLean sings “February makes me shiver…” but it is January to me.

I started thinking this as I was taking down the Christmas decorations. By the way, they are a lot more fun to put up.

In fact, I vote for January as the worst month of the year. It’s long – so long that it seems like it has about 40 days. The weather’s usually ugly, and it’s cold in most places. January is just a dark dreadful month. Nothing very good happens in January.

The credit card bills roll in from all those Christmas purchases, so January is downright depressing. If I was in charge of everything or maybe just a business owner, I would not send any bills to my customers from November 15 until February 1.

I actually received a bill via email on Christmas day – can you believe that? Merry Christmas to me! 

There are a couple of holidays in January to give us some relief – New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day (third Monday), but that’s about it. Between those two holidays, we face a dreary month.

As for the people born in January, I’m sorry.

January is the month we have “National Static Electricity Day” “Bean Day” “National Pie Day” and we can’t forget “National Kazoo Day.”

Yes, January is depressing.

Thank goodness for the remaining days of football. The first Super Bowl was played in January, as the football Gods must have felt that January needed something. They were right. Sadly, it’s now held in February but the playoffs start in January and there are a few bowl games left.

I’m looking forward to February…and March…