The Wednesday Read: The Debate

I love jokes about the eyes. The cornea the better! –Unknown

The first night of the Democratic Party presidential debates is in the books, and here at The Western Word, I managed to watch the whole thing without falling asleep! There should be an achievement medal or certificate of appreciation for this accomplishment.

Here are my thoughts…

I think Bernie Sanders won the debate, with Elizabeth Warren a close second. Pete Buttigieg came in third followed by Amy Klobuchar and John Delaney.

It was the progressives against the moderates. I think a moderate candidate would do better against Donald Trump, but the Democrats may not nominate one.

I judged the debate on who I think could best handle Trump. Bernie Sanders would do well against him. It would be like two old men shouting “get off my lawn” at each other for 90 minutes. Elizabeth Warren and Trump would also be a classic.

As for Montana Governor Steve Bullock, he came in with the fourth-most minutes talked according to The Hill. He talked less than Warren, Sanders, and Buttigieg.

Bullock did not embarrass himself and he was able to mostly get across his talking points. Reuters reported that Bullock “emerged as a forceful voice in his first presidential debate.”

Unfortunately, when I think about Bullock and Trump doing a one on one debate, I think Bullock would be destroyed. Overall I think Bullock finished in the second half of the 10 person field.

I liked Klobuchar’s opening statement and wished that she had expanded on it during the rest of the debate.

Tim Ryan was in the debate, but about the only thing he will be known for is that he failed to place his hand over his heart for the national anthem.

Buttigieg did well especially when he touted his military experience.

Warren has a “no first use” policy about our nuclear weapons which in my mind, as a veteran, makes no sense at all. I believe in peace through strength. Warren and Bullock tangled on the issue, with Bullock saying something like, “I don’t want to turn around and say, ‘Well, Detroit has to be gone before we would ever use that.’” (The Hill)

Bullock could have used Malmstrom AFB here in Montana as a great example of having peace because we have 150 nukes ready to go.

As I wrote yesterday, the polling and fundraising criterion being used for the next debates (September 12-13) increases. Right now only seven candidates have qualified. (Wiki)

Click HERE for some top moments from the debate courtesy of The Hill.

Click HERE for the Associated Press coverage.

Click HERE for the Reuters coverage.


4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read: The Debate

  1. I continue to prefer that Bullock run against Daines. He was tripping over his own tongue during his exchange with Warren.

    Starbeam moonchild’s statements seem to start out pretty well but then she closes with some rose-colored woo and loses her whole point.

    Delaney should challenge Trump in the GOP primaries. At least Delaney will provide his tax returns to California..

  2. Jackie.I am tempted to donate to Marianne Williamson just to get her on the stage for the third debate as she makes things interesting for sure. I know nothing of psychic force she speaks but her statement regarding” dark underbelly of American society,racism,the bigotry”,certainly has been brought to the forefront recently with the tweets of President Trump.

    • Dennis – seems Williamson got a lot of attention last night. She makes the debates interesting. Thanks, JmB

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