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A liar’s worst enemy is someone with a good memory. – Unknown

Today’s topics include:

  • It Just Got Real
  • MT-Gov – Reilly Neill
  • MT-Gov – Casey Schreiner
  • Superintendent of Public Instruction
  • One More Thing

It Just Got Real:

Reuters reported that the Democratic-led U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday voted to give lawmakers clear authority to sue Trump administration figures who defy congressional subpoenas, beginning with former White House Counsel Don McGahn, who is expected to face swift action.

According to Reuters, the vote in the House was 229-191 along party lines to approve the measure. It authorizes House committees to file lawsuits in federal court seeking orders from judges to compel officials to cooperate with official congressional demands for testimony or evidence. House Republicans dismissed the vote as a “media-grabbing” stunt by Democrats to bolster their partisan interests in the 2020 presidential election in which Trump is seeking a second four-year term in office.

The media grabbing part will come when a federal judge orders a member of the Trump Administration held in contempt and has them led away in handcuffs. That will make for good TV.

In schools and universities all across the fruited plains this will be a great time in American Government classes! I can almost hear my old political science professor asking probing questions about this action and letting students debate the issue. Good times.

Will this action do any good? Maybe. If someone defies the court, they could end up in jail, which as we saw with Paul Manafort, it ages one quickly.

MT-Gov – Reilly Neill:

With a campaign theme of “We’re better together” Democrat Reilly Neill announced that she was running for Montana Governor. She was the first Democrat to announce.

Neill says on her website that she hopes “to carry on Gov. Bullock’s legacy of straightforward integrity and hard work in Helena.”

She also says that balancing the state budget and upholding our constitution will be her top priorities if she is elected Governor in 2020.

Neill will have to work hard to get better known across Montana. There are several “high-profile” candidates already in the race. There is plenty of time for her to do this.

You can visit her campaign website HERE.

MT-Gov – Casey Schreiner:

Casey Schreiner announced on Tuesday that he was running for the Democratic nomination for Montana Governor. Schreiner is the State House Minority Leader and former public school teacher.

In his press release, he said that he was the first high-profile Democratic candidate in the race.

I guess that means I am the first “high-profile” blogger to write about him.

In his announcement, Schreiner said, “I’m running for governor because giving everyday families like mine a chance to get ahead is the fight of my life. The hardships my family has faced have made me fearless about taking on special interests and career politicians, and Montanans can always count on me to say what I mean—it’s who I am.”

I am not sure Schreiner has the name recognition to take on the “high-profile” likes of Greg Gianforte or Tim Fox. He might not be as “high-profile” as Mike Cooney. The good news is that the primary election is a year away.

Visit the Schreiner campaign website HERE.

Superintendent of Public Instruction:

It looks like Montana might see a rematch of the 2016 Superintendent of Public Instruction race between Republican Elsie Arntzen and Democrat Melissa Romano.

Arntzen won by 16,200 votes out of about 491,000 votes cast.

Arntzen, a Republican from Billings, announced Tuesday that she will run again in the 2020 election. Previously, Romano, of Helena, announced that she was running again. (MTN)

Montana Democratic Party Executive Director Monica Lindeen was quick to issue a statement about Arntzen’s candidacy:

“Elsie Arntzen has failed to support our students, teachers and public schools since taking office,” Lindeen said. “Arntzen was absent at the Capitol when our children’s education was under attack. Montanans deserve someone at the helm of the Office of Public Instruction who will be a fierce advocate for our kids’ education, not someone who stays silent in the face of efforts to dismantle Montana’s school systems.”

Is it harder for a candidate to win the same seat twice against the same opponent?

Let’s get ready to rumble!

One More Thing:

“They chopped his head off, burned his body, put it in a box and sent it to my house.” – Kurt Pilgeram (Dutton, Montana)

The following headline in the Great Falls Tribune caught my attention:

A man is suing a cryonics company for $1M — and the return of his dad’s frozen head

It appears the company did not follow directions or the directions from the father were not clear. Oops.

I guess what we have here is a failure to communicate.

My question: what body would they put the head on if they discover how to restore life?

Nonetheless, the story by Karl Puckett of the Tribune was picked up by and linked to by the Drudge Report.



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  1. Well Bullocks campaign hit a hard stop today as it was just announced he will not make the debate stage as he didn’t qualify in 3 polls. But spiritual adviser Marianne Williamson did which shows you how great this county is. If a reality tv host can become president why not a spiritual adviser. I guess Gianforte doesn’t want Arntzen on his team after all so she is going for a sure thing. I know many people think she is the most incompetent elected official ever but she has one big thing going for her a (R) behind her name and right now in red red Montana that is all that matters.

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