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Welcome to the big column to end the week, “Caught My Eye” (CME)!

If you are a first-time visitor, welcome! CME is the once a week column that is posted here every Friday morning. This is when I take a look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week. There may be some sarcasm and pointed independent commentary so be warned!

Here are the topics that “Caught My Eye” this week:

  • Montana Attorney General Polls
  • Montana Governor’s Security
  • Human Composting
  • One More Thing

Montana Attorney General Polls:

Earlier this week, I posted two polls here at The Western Word asking readers to pick who they like for Montana Attorney General in the Republican and Democrat primary.

Since there are four candidates so far (two Democrats and two Republicans) I posted two polls.

For the Republicans: Jon Bennion and Austin Knudsen
For the Democrats: Kim Dudik and Raph Graybill

I closed the polls at midnight Thursday.

Here are the Republican results:

Austin Knudsen – 51%
Jon Bennion – 39%
Not Voting – 6%
Undecided – 4%

Here are the Democrat results:

Kim Dudik – 50%
Raph Graybill – 38%
Undecided – 6%
Not Voting – 6%

Reminder: These results are not scientific.

Thanks to all who participated. Look for more polls in the near future!

Montana Governor’s Security:

One thing you can count on in politics is one of the political parties making something out of nothing.

This time it is the Montana Republican Party. MTN New reports that the Republicans are complaining about Montana Governor Steve Bullock (a Democrat). Bullock is running for President. Wherever Bullock goes his security detail (two Montana Highway Patrol Officers) are with him even for his out-of-state campaign travel. They are being paid for by Montana taxpayers.

Of course, if Bullock was a Republican, we would not hear a peep from the Montana Republicans, but the Democrats would probably take up the whining.

That’s why the political parties and those who run them are such hypocrites.

Since the Republicans control the Montana legislature, they should introduce a bill that says when the Governor is campaigning his/her campaign will pay for the security detail. Problem solved.

Since Bullock is campaigning in Iowa, I think his security personnel should get extra pay. It’s that shitty of a place.

Human Composting:

If you live in the state of Washington and you die you now have a new option: human composting! How cool is that? You can be used as soil for flowers or tomato plants or other things!

Back in January, I wrote about the Human Composting bill being introduced and said:

Fellow readers may not know this about me, but I was born in the Midwest when a summer storm rolled through and lightning struck a giant oak tree in my parents’ backyard. Out I walked.
So yes, becoming a tree after being composted would be cool…kind of like back to my roots!

According to The Hill, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) signed the bill Tuesday making the Evergreen State the first in the nation to legalize human composting. The bill will take effect on May 1, 2020, and recognizes “natural organic reduction” and a process commonly known as “liquid cremation” as legal means of disposing of human bodies. Washington state law previously permitted only burial and cremation.

I wonder if a politician is composted if there’s more fertilizer in the soil…

One More Thing:

Today marks the 450th Caught My Eye!


This column has been published almost every Friday since Moby Dick was a minnow. Not really. The first “Caught My Eye” was published in July 2010.

Thanks for reading. I’ll keep writing…



4 thoughts on “Caught My Eye…

  1. “Mike Tooley, director of the Transportation Department under Gov. Bullock, is a former chief of the Highway Patrol and was involved in the initial executive protection details under then-Gov. Judy Martz. He told MTN News Tuesday that the idea was to provide round-the-clock protection for the governor, because it’s in the best interest of the state to provide that protection.

    During the 2019 Legislature, Rep. Forrest Mandeville, R-Columbus, introduced a bill that would require any elected official to reimburse the state for the cost of any fellow state employee who traveled with the governor on an out-of-state political trip.

    The bill eventually died in committee. But before that final action, lawmakers decided to amend the bill to exempt the governor’s executive protection from any reimbursement requirements.”

    Republicans had their chance. They blew it….again.

  2. Jackie,Western Word is one of the 5 blogs I read every day. You are the only one that posts something different every day. Most of these blogs leave the same article up for couple days. It actually must be much work to find something interesting to put up each day. So as long as you post I will read. Great job!

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