The Monday Memo

Today is Earth Day and this is a friendly reminder that we only have one earth, so let’s take care of it! –Unknown

Today’s independent commentary deals with these people/issues:

  • Recreational Marijuana
  • Rudy Giuliani
  • Roger Stone
  • Final Thought

Recreational Marijuana:

MTN News is reporting that a new group is seeking to let voters decide for themselves if the recreational use of marijuana should be legalized in the Treasure State. Coalition406 announced their intentions to create a 2020 state ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana for adults in Montana and establish a system to tax and regulate it similarly to alcohol.

I applaud Coalition406. I support legalizing recreational marijuana not only in Montana but all across the United States.

I think if they jump through all the hoops to get the initiative on the 2020 ballot, it will be approved by Montana voters.

Visit Coalition406’s website by clicking HERE.

Rudy Giuliani:

I happened to catch President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani making the rounds on the Sunday shows.

I think Giuliani should quit making appearances while Trump is ahead.

If you Google “Rudy Giuliani” you will see the major headline that he made on Sunday was when he said on CNN, “There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians.”

Giuliani also called U.S. Senator Mitt Romney a “hypocrite” for his statement about the Mueller Report.

I once thought the Giuliani would make a good President. I was wrong.

Giuliani should just shut up.

Roger Stone:

For some reason, I received an email from the Roger Stone Legal Defense Fund asking me to donate. In the email, Stone says:

You probably saw on CNN how 29 heavily-armed FBI agents stormed my home to arrest me in the pre-down (sic)hours of January 25th on charges of lying to Congress – charges I pled “not guilty” to.
Why was CNN allowed to set up a camera crew and broadcast this spectacle? As President Trump himself said, “Who tipped off CNN?”
Now the FBI refuses to turn over emails between the FBI and CNN in the days before my arrest and are being sued to make these records public.
For two years, CNN has incorrectly reported that I would be charged with Russian Collusion, conspiracy and treason. It was fake news pushed to hurt the President!
The CNN producer outside my house was a former assistant to FBI Director James Comey! CNN’s fake news lies will be exposed soon!

I think Stone has bigger problems than knowing who tipped off CNN, but if he can raise money off of that, good for him.

Final Thought:

If you think assault weapons are a human right, but healthcare is not, you’re what’s wrong with America. –Unknown



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  1. Stone is having a fund raiser at a strip club.

    “Competitive cable news outlets have suggested something nefarious, as though the Mueller office (known for never leaking) was somehow in cahoots with CNN. The far more likely explanation is that Shortell simply did his job: old school gumshoe reporting.”

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