TWW Poll: Bobcats or Grizzlies?

It’s football season and time for another poll from The Western Word!

Today’s poll asks, “Which team (Bobcats or Grizzlies) will win more football games this season?”

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11 thoughts on “TWW Poll: Bobcats or Grizzlies?

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  2. I enjoy your blog, but you must discuss C.T.E and what football does to human brains. Especially young brains.

    • John – Thanks. CTE is a major problem. As one who has suffered two concussions from playing football, we need to ensure that safety is paramount in football. That includes proper tackling and proper equipment. – JmB

      • thanks mike, Your response is like saying a little concussion is better than a large concussion.This assertion is no Different than the results of coal mining (black lung) Nicotine addiction (cancer) or tetraethyl lead in the environment (permanent debility) not to mention the resistance to the facts and evidence.The great and overwhelming difference is the fact that we treat this game as more important than the almost proven damage that it causes. I too played football for five years at the high school level. That was long ago when the game was even rougher. I can no longer watch young people beat their brains out for my transient pleasure. How about you?

      • I will continue to watch football. It’s safer than it was and hopefully it will become safer. It’s up to parents to decide if they want their kids to play sports that may harm them. It’s up to young adults to make a decision, too. -JmB

      • You are committing a logical dodge. When I was in high school I thought playing football was the most important thing I could do. The lights, the crowd, the cheerleaders, the band , the adoration of the players, was, I realize now, completely false and misdirected. Now we know the facts and should act accordingly. What use is education ?

      • John – Maybe I am committing a logical dodge. I still think it is up to parents to decide and then it’s up to the adults to decide if they want to play football. I loved playing and would play again if I had a do-over. Thanks, – JmB

      • If we had universal and comprehensive health care , what would be your reaction if it was proven, without doubt , that football causes unalterable brain damage ? It is the public adoration of this activity that makes it different from environmental exposure or personal habits. You like me probably never had a choice. I thought I did but now I realize I really didn’t. “I squandered my resistance on a pocketful of mumbles, all lies and jest, still, a man hears what he what to hears and disregards the rest “. You are an obviously thoughtful man.Hopefully If I have planted the smallest seed of doubt

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