The Wednesday Read: Pearl Jam – Concert & Poster

Rock bottom has built more heroes than privilege. – Unknown

Today’s commentary deals with these issues:

  • The Pearl Jam Concert
  • The Pearl Jam Poster

The Pearl Jam Concert:

The American rock band Pearl Jam stopped in Missoula Monday night to play in front of a sold-out crowd (25k) at Washington-Grizzly Stadium. (Missoulian)

The summer tour is also making U.S. stops in Seattle, Chicago, and Boston so even Joe Biden would say the stop in Missoula was a “Big $%#$% deal.”

The stop was partly to help reelect U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-Mont.) and to urge people to get out to vote.

The Pearl Jam Poster:

I happened to catch a campaign email from Jon Tester’s opponent, Republican Matt Rosendale that had this subject:

UNHINGED; Tester’s Pearl Jam Poster Shows DEAD Trump

Rosendale writes:

The radical left has become completely unhinged…

A poster promoting the Pearl Jam concert for Jon Tester’s campaign depicts a DEAD President Trump and a BURNING White House.

Conservative radio station News Talk KGVO had this article about the poster. Here is the opening paragraph:

A poster promoting the band Pearl Jam’s August 13, 2018 concert in Missoula, Montana is being described as “reprehensible.” The poster, which is a collaboration by Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament and the artist Bobby Draws Skullz clearly depicts the skeletal remains of U.S President Donald Trump, as well as two Montana congressional candidates: Senator Jon Tester and Republican challenger Matt Rosendale.

Of course, Rosendale used his outrage to try to raise a little money:

**We need to send Jon Tester a message tonight: We won’t tolerate this disgraceful depiction of President Trump. Please make an emergency contribution of $5, $10, $25, $50, or even $100 to this secure link right now to show we stand with our GREAT President** 

I find it hard to be outraged at the poster, but I have been around the block a few more times than some. Maybe I am just calloused. I think most of the outrage is from the conservative side of the fence mostly because they have nothing else to be outraged about on a Tuesday in August.

Several years ago I cringed when I read the headline:

Montana GOP convention features bullet-riddled ‘Obama outhouse’

The outhouse was labeled the “Obama Presidential Library.”

I’m not sure if Matt Rosendale and folks on the conservative side of the fence were outraged about the outhouse, but maybe their outrage today might be more genuine if they had.

Politics 2018 – Don’t be outraged. Vote!