The Sunday Message

Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face. – Ronald Reagan

It was recently announced that President Donald Trump’s nominee to be the next justice on the Supreme Court, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, is set for a confirmation hearing on Sept. 4. (ABC News)

In July, NPR did a story about the religion of the members of the U.S. Supreme Court reporting, “… for most of U.S. history, the court, like the country, was dominated by Protestant Christians. But today, it is predominantly Catholic and Jewish.”

NPR reported:

Today, six of the nine justices are Catholic — if you count Neil Gorsuch, who was raised Catholic and has attended an Episcopal Church. The other three are Jewish.

Brett Kavanaugh is a Catholic.

You can read the entire NPR story HERE.

I doubt Kavanaugh will have much of a problem being confirmed. There’s always a chance researchers will find something about him that could hurt his confirmation process.

Have a great week.