Monday’s Quick Hits: Trophy Ranch or Cosmopolitan Castle, Stapleton & Russians, a Riot, & 99 Days

This is the precept by which I have lived: Prepare for the worst; expect the best; and take what comes. – Hannah Arendt

Today’s quick hits deal with these issues:

  • Trophy Ranch or Cosmopolitan Castle?
  • Stapleton & Russians
  • It’s a Riot
  • 99 Days

Trophy Ranch or Cosmopolitan Castle?

Last week I asked readers, “Which is worse – Matt Rosendale owning a ‘Trophy Ranch’ or Jon Tester owning a ‘Cosmopolitan Castle?’”

Those who participated said it was worse to own a:

Cosmopolitan Castle – 61%
Trophy Ranch – 36%
Undecided – 3%

There will be another equally exciting poll coming soon! Thanks to all who participated!

Stapleton & Russians:

It was a piece of information that seemed to come out of nowhere Friday that caught most people off-guard.

The Associated Press (AP) reported it this way:

Montana’s top elections official said Friday that Russian hackers unsuccessfully probed the state’s election systems for weaknesses in 2016, an acknowledgment that contradicts his staff’s previous comments that Montana was not among the 21 or more states targeted.

Montana’s Secretary of State, Corey Stapleton, released the information via his newsletter. The AP called it an “occasional newsletter.”

I think this information is significant enough that it would merit calling a press conference to release the information and then take the time to answer questions.

Stapleton dropped the ball on this important issue.

It’s a Riot:

Just a few days after Cascade County Sheriff Bob Edwards announced that the Cascade County Detention Center would stop “accepting non-violent offenders because of rising tensions between jail staff and the overcrowded inmates” there was a riot on Saturday in one wing of the facility. (GF Tribune)

It was also reported by the Tribune that the jail has a capacity of 360 and last Monday it had a population of 530.

Edwards said the damage could exceed $10,000.

This appears to be a serious problem. Local officials need to work together to come up with a plan that stops packing inmates in the detention facility like sardines.

99 Days:

It is now 99 days until the November election! Make sure you subscribe to this blog (on the upper right side of the screen), follow me on Twitter (@TheWesternWord), and like The Western Word Facebook Page.

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  1. Corey Stapleton is the most incompetent state-wide elected official by a long shot. They are going to have to rename the Peter Principle.

    • Rick – Seems like it. There are others who can give him a race! -JmB

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