The Wednesday Read: Undisclosed Location, Secret Recording, & NFL Contracts

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Today’s commentary deals with these issues:

  • Undisclosed Location
  • Secret Trump Recording
  • NFL Contracts

Undisclosed Location:

No, I am not going to give you the coordinates to my underground bunker…

I got a chuckle out of an Associated Press (AP) story about Vice President Mike Pence coming to Montana to help Republican U.S. Senate candidate Matt Rosendale.

The AP reported that Pence arrived in Billings Tuesday afternoon for a Rosendale fundraiser at an undisclosed location that is closed to the media and the public.

Undisclosed location…

I’ll bet if I had an extra $10,000 to donate they would give me the location in a heartbeat. I would probably be entitled to a photo with the VP, too.

Or I could just follow the motorcade…

Secret Trump Recording:

All of a sudden last night in an exclusive, CNN aired a secret Trump–Cohen tape that reportedly showed Presidential candidate Donald Trump being heard on tape discussing with his attorney Michael Cohen how they would buy the rights to a Playboy model’s story about an alleged affair Trump had with her years earlier.

It was first disclosed on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time.” After that other cable news shows talked about. It’s still happening this morning. Then we had commentator after commentator (some lawyers) on cable news giving us their two cents.

During all this, I remembered it is “Shark Week.”

Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani showed up on Fox News to talk about the tape and tell people his client did not break the law.

Maybe there’s “blood in the water” and CNN found it first. As for me, I pick on Trump a lot here at The Western Word because he provides us with plenty of misinformation and outright lies to use.

In this case, the “secret tape” appears to me to be another “nothing burger.”

NFL Contracts:

This seems to be the time of the year when we hear about NFL players holding out and not reporting to camp because they are not happy with their contract – the contract they signed a few years before.

As an example, this year Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones is not reporting to camp because he wants his contract reworked. (ESPN)

I could care less if Jones shows up or even plays, but I think what he is doing is crap and immature. It is dishonorable.

I signed a contract to serve in the military many years ago and I honored it. Imagine what would have happened during the first couple years of my four-year contract if I had told the Air Force that I had outperformed most other airmen and that I was not going to show up for work until I received a new contract worth more money!

The NFL is having some publicity problems with the kneeling during the National Anthem. People like Jones are not helping the NFL. If I were the owner of the Falcons, I would not give Jones another penny. The NFL does have a rule that he can be fined up to $40k per day he misses, but that is mostly done away with when the player and the team come to an agreement.



4 thoughts on “The Wednesday Read: Undisclosed Location, Secret Recording, & NFL Contracts


    “Michael Cohen’s lawyer Lanny Davis on Tuesday insisted “the truth is on our side” after releasing audio of a conversation between President Trump and Cohen about a payment tied to a former Playboy model alleging an affair with Trump.”
    The one thing that has been completely forgotten in the NFL kerfuffle.

    “The protests during the national anthem started in August 2016 when former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ as a means of protesting racial inequality and police brutality.”

    The ‘fake news’ about disrespecting the flag/soldiers/vets what tRump and the Republican racists perverted it to be about.

    Where did Kap get the idea of kneeling instead of sitting? From a former Green Beret.

    “In the 49ers’ final preseason game, backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel for the national anthem instead of taking a seat on the bench.

    Turns out it was former Seahawks player and Green Beret Nate Boyer who talked Kap into making the change. Boyer wrote an open letter to Kaepernick earlier this season, and it caused the two to meet up and discuss America and honoring the anthem.”

    Playing the National Anthem before some sporting events is rank jingoism, unnecessary and irrelevant to the event. Baseball history tells that story.

  2. NFL….. reminded of how Franco Harris left the Steelers. He had a contract. He wanted more money. Didn’t get it. He left. I know all of Pittsburgh loved him but all agreed he should have honored his contract.

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