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This is a special edition of “Caught My Eye…” about President Donald J. Trump’s visit to Great Falls, Montana.

We need to work every day from now until the election. For your family, for your community, the country, for your constitution. And this November, I need you to get your friends, get your colleagues, get your neighbors, and get your ass out to vote. – President Donald J. Trump (Great Falls, MT 07/05/18)

I don’t think there’s a much more exciting thing to witness than the President visiting your town – it’s especially great when you don’t have to work or volunteer at the event.

The people in and around Great Falls, Montana, and almost every Republican I can think of from Montana showed up early and in massive numbers for President Donald J. Trump on Thursday (July 5) and the President delivered a speech that was, shall we say, typical Trump.

I watched the President’s campaign speech via television in Great Falls to see what he had on U.S. Senator Jon Tester (D-Mont.) Trump had said, “I know things about Tester I could say, too, and if I said them, he’d never be elected again.”

In the end, Trump delivered a nothing burger. It was a rambling speech full of lies, racism, and hatred. He went after fellow Republicans John McCain and even George H.W. Bush – both patriots who are in ill health. Those remarks were very disgraceful.

In other words, it was a usual Trump speech with people saying or thinking, “He didn’t say that, DID HE?”

It feels like Trump uses these friendly crowds as a type of therapy to get everything that bothers him as President off his chest.

I really have to take a moment to applaud the Montana Republicans. It was pretty amazing that the Republicans were able to get 90 minutes of free airtime across Montana to promote Matt Rosendale for U.S. Senate. The event was televised live on some local stations. That’s priceless for Rosendale – who is an unknown candidate.

The local media went gaga over the President’s visit and speech. Some even suffered the same “counting” issue that plagues Trump – the size of the crowd. In all actuality, there were probably about 6,500 people inside the arena.

In a few days, Trump will probably say there were a million people at his rally in Great Falls. (Psst, there are just a little over a million people in the entire state)

Trump also went after the crooked media. He said that 75% of those covering the event were crooked. He also mentioned the New York Times would probably fold when he leaves office in seven years. Yawn.

Back in 2005 during the visit to Great Falls by President George W. Bush, the local fire marshal freaked out and shut the doors of Four Seasons Arena prematurely before all the ticket holders were inside. There were only 5,500 tickets printed for that event. This time around, the Great Falls Tribune reported that thousands of people with tickets to attend the President Donald Trump rally in Great Falls were turned away Thursday afternoon. That sucks for them.

One funny part was that during one part of the President’s speech, he actually praised two pieces of Tester’s legislation – the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act and the VA MISSION Act. He called them “landmark” legislation. I’m sure we’ll see that in a campaign commercial for Tester.

So the big question is did Trump’s visit help Rosendale? I think it may help solidify the GOP base – so we might see him gain a couple points. Maybe if Trump returns to Montana for another rally when absentee ballots are mailed, it might help Rosendale more – because it’s a long way from November.

Finally, thanks to all those who volunteered and worked during this event – you did it! Your work was very much appreciated.



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  1. Somebody was real butthurt about the Pruitt resignation as the leading corrupt Cabinet secretary. Doddering Donald doesn’t like it when he gets eclipsed in the spotlight.

  2. How many lies does one hear before the person speaking is considered a liar ? Lying is not illegal. Lying by the president of the United States is clearly an abuse of power and requires a severe sanction. We as a people (body politic) cannot find solutions to our very complex problems ( FINANCES ,trade , immigration, nuclear proliferation etc.) if we assume non evidence based assertions are equal to fact based assertions. If one attended the rally (it is a free country) and did not depart with a sense of shame and alarm then you are terribly mis-guided . Get him and his cohort out of office as soon as possible. And, do not add Rosendale to the group. There is much more to be said but I am not sure anyone is listening

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