Tuesday’s Quick Hits: Debate, Summit, & Breaking the Law

Great leaders are almost always great simplifiers, who can cut through argument, debate and doubt, to offer a solution everybody can understand. – Colin Powell

Here are some issues that caught my attention for today:

  • The Debate Thing
  • The Summit
  • Breaking the Law

That Debate Thing:

Republican Matt Rosendale got into the “big game” – the contest for U.S. Senate just last Tuesday.

Then he declined to debate Democrat Jon Tester in Whitefish on June 17 at the Montana Broadcasters Association convention. That was after Rosendale reportedly told NBC Montana that he would be attending the debate.

This was like Rosendale fumbling the opening kickoff and Tester and the Democrats returning it for a touchdown.

Montana Newspapers had some vicious headlines. The Billings Gazette had this headline on the front page above the fold, “Rosendale declines debate with Tester” and the Bozeman Daily Chronicle has this headline on the front page, “Rosendale backs out of first debate.”

Those are two places that Rosendale will have to do well in to beat Tester.

It appears the “Father’s Day” excuse brought forth by the Rosendale campaign was an afterthought.

In my humble opinion, the chances of Rosendale beating Tester are pretty slim. Rosendale would need to run a perfect campaign to do it. Fumbling the opening kickoff is not the way to start.

The Summit:

I was seriously thinking about getting a haircut like North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but decided against it. I may get one like Jon Tester and Matt Rosendale before November rolls around.

I was happy that President Donald Trump met with Kim Jong Un. Talking is always better than bombing one another. You see, as an independent, I can say things like that and not worry if my party will hate me for it.

We don’t know if anything was decided or not. Reuters and the Associated Press have their opinions. Those on the right have their opinions and those on the left have theirs.

My opinion is that Kim Jong Un is the big winner here. He was able to develop nukes and get a seat at the table with the leader of the most powerful country in the world. Hopefully, he will give them up (they can always build more), then sanctions will be lifted and he can feed and care for his people. If just a little bit of freedom is shown to the North Koreans, watch out.

President Trump gets a smaller win. He sat down with Kim Jong Un and now maybe the world is a safer place. This is something Trump’s party was against when Barack Obama mentioned it. That’s how screwed up politics in the United States are these days.

Breaking the Law:

Cascade County Sheriff Bob Edwards is GUILTY!

The Great Falls Tribune reported that the Montana Commissioner of Political Practices issued a decision saying that Cascade County Sheriff Bob Edwards violated a campaign practice law and will be fined for it.

Edwards violated the Fair Notice provision of Montana’s Clean Campaign Act. You can read the decision HERE.

The cool thing is that the person who defeated Edwards and who the campaign ad was directed at, Jesse Slaughter, has asked Cascade County Attorney Josh Racki to not impose a fine in the case. Slaughter is being nicer than Edwards was to him.

Racki has declined to prosecute Edwards. Racki and Edwards are both Democrats. Racki is running for a full term as Cascade County Attorney, too.

Hopefully, the Commissioner of Political Practices will see it in his heart to fine Edwards the maximum amount.



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