The Wednesday Read: Edwards, Amazon & Trump, and Dilly Dilly

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

Today’s topics are:

  • Sheriff Bob Edwards
  • Amazon & Trump
  • The Masters Dilly Dilly

Sheriff Bob Edwards:

The saga of Cascade County Sheriff Bob Edwards continued this week. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. The Great Falls Tribune reported that Edwards had his certificates (basic, intermediate, advanced law enforcement and coroner) revoked by the Montana Public Safety Officer Standards & Training Council (POST) panel that oversees law enforcement personnel in the state. The vote was unanimous according to reporting from the Tribune.

Unfortunately, he can still serve as Sheriff. Edwards, a Democrat, is also running for reelection and faces two opponents in the June primary. There is a Republican also running.

I can’t believe the voters of Cascade County would be stupid enough to re-elect him.

In case you wonder why Edwards is in this mess, he was involved in a “domestic disturbance” at a peace officers convention on Helena last summer.

MTN News reported that the POST committee stated during a February hearing that alcohol, a physical altercation, and a gun were all factors in the incident between Edwards and his girlfriend.

The Great Falls Tribune reported at that time:

A call for service report filed with the Helena Police Department states the complainant told emergency dispatchers that “a woman could be heard yelling about a gun” and they “heard her screaming about male throwing her into TV.”

The complainant reported that “a man put the gun in his mouth” at one point, but the call for service report does not specify who the man was.

Helena Police Chief Troy McGee confirmed that Edwards is the person in the report who is said to have a gun, but added it was called in and not seen by his officers. 

I have said before that someone close to Edwards needs to do an intervention. They know the real story – the real Edwards. The Cascade County Commissioners should hold a vote and let Edwards know he does not have their support.

My opinion is Edwards should not be allowed to carry a weapon or serve in law enforcement. He needs help, not reelection.

Amazon & Trump:

President Donald Trump has been saying this week that the United States Postal Service (USPS) is losing money because Amazon is delivering packages at low cost.

Many folks believe that Trump is picking on Amazon because the owner of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, also owns the Washington Post.

Fox News host Shephard Smith set the record straight about all the untruths Trump was spewing about Amazon and the USPS:

There is a great deal of confusion or something here regarding Amazon and the Post Office because none of that, none of that was true.

Amazon gets a bulk rate discount from the USPS like many other companies do. As Politifact pointed out, the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act made it illegal for USPS to price parcel delivery below its cost.

Dilly Dilly:

If you’re headed to The Masters golf tournament this week, you could be ejected for yelling “Dilly Dilly” during the tournament. That’s according to Bryce Ritchie who writes for “bunkered” magazine.

Ritchie reports that security staff at this week’s Masters have been handed a sheet by officials from Augusta National Golf Club with words and phrases that are not allowed to be shouted by patrons.

I imagine “It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole” made the list. (Caddyshack)

The best thing that could happen to golf is for Tiger Woods to be in contention on Sunday.