TWW Poll: Republican U.S. Senate Primary (MTSen)

Who will win the Montana U.S. Senate primary for the Republicans?

So far the candidates are:

Troy Downing (

Russ Fagg (

Albert Olszewski (

Matt Rosendale (

If you do not see the poll, click on “More.”





  1. […] A poll here at The Western Word asked, “Who will win the Montana U.S. Senate primary for the Republicans?” The candidates are Troy Downing, Russ Fagg, Albert Olszewski, and Matt Rosendale. (TWW) […]

  2. Wow Mike who is reading your site now days? Must be a lot of Californians or folks that want another millionaire up in Washington. I was stunned by the vote poll that many people think Downing will be GOP Senate candidate or is it a group of democrat readers who think Downing is weakest candidate. As a long time reader I think Tester will win hands down against any of these men. Keep up good work.

    • Dennis – looks like for at least the early results Downings’ people are on the ball. I imagine others will jump in to make it closer. The results from the House & Senate polls will be released tomorrow. Thanks for reading! -JmB

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