TWW Poll: Republican U.S. Senate Primary (MTSen)

Who will win the Montana U.S. Senate primary for the Republicans?

So far the candidates are:

Troy Downing (

Russ Fagg (

Albert Olszewski (

Matt Rosendale (

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3 thoughts on “TWW Poll: Republican U.S. Senate Primary (MTSen)

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  2. Wow Mike who is reading your site now days? Must be a lot of Californians or folks that want another millionaire up in Washington. I was stunned by the vote poll that many people think Downing will be GOP Senate candidate or is it a group of democrat readers who think Downing is weakest candidate. As a long time reader I think Tester will win hands down against any of these men. Keep up good work.

    • Dennis – looks like for at least the early results Downings’ people are on the ball. I imagine others will jump in to make it closer. The results from the House & Senate polls will be released tomorrow. Thanks for reading! -JmB

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