Monday’s Quick Hits

You can observe a lot by watching. – Yogi Berra

Today’s quick hits deal with:

  • The Sanders Boost?
  • Humbly Ask
  • Final Days
  • COPP
  • The Zinke Dance
  • Saturday Night Live

The Sanders Boost?

The Rob Quist U.S. House campaign says in a press release that, “more than 12,500 Montanans came out to support Rob Quist at rallies featuring Sen. Bernie Sanders in Missoula, Butte, Billings and Bozeman this weekend.”

They should be pleased with the turnout. The events pretty much dominated the news in Montana over the weekend.

Will Sanders be enough to encourage Montanans, especially the very important younger voters, to get out and vote? Time will tell.

Humbly Ask:

The Greg Gianforte U.S. House campaign is running what is probably his final ad where he says something like, “I am humbly asking for your vote.”

I think it’s always good for a candidate to look into the camera and ask for votes and to ask for votes during their final speeches.

Final Days:

This Thursday (May 25) is Election Day. If you need information about voting, click HERE.

*Look for my prediction on Wednesday!


The Billings Gazette editorial board said in a recent editorial, “Montana needs strong COPP” (Commissioner of Political Practices).

Great Falls Democrat Jeff Mangan started his new job as COPP last week. It’s a six-year term. I was not that excited about Mangan getting the job. Mangan says he wants to put more information from COPP online and plans to start a COPP Facebook page.

Can a “MySpace” page be far behind?

What the Gazette and other editorial boards should have noted is the Montana Legislature once again failed to do anything about the COPP office. It needs to be nonpartisan. They need more people to police the campaigns.

Right now everyone is happy with Mangan, but wait until he rules against a few Republicans and then we’ll see sparks fly.

The Zinke Dance:

In case you missed it, Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke decided to dance with Vice President Mike Pence’s wife, Linda:

Looks like fun was had by all…

SNL Cold Open:

In case you missed it, this was the opening for Saturday Night Live.

I am surprised we did not see a skit about James Comey hiding in a blue suit.



4 thoughts on “Monday’s Quick Hits

  1. The Dance Fever video was taken down. Mike is afraid to be in any room with any woman other than his wife. We can’t have the woman he calls ‘Mother’ seen dancing with a man who’s not her husband. What would the neo-Puritans think?

    Giantfart neither looks nor sounds humble with his ask.

    • Doug – It did look as though Pence was surprised (both of them). As for being “humble” that may be as humble as Gianforte can get. -JmB

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