The Sunday Message

Find new ways to spread the word of God to every corner of the world. – Pope Francis

I’m not a Catholic, but I really like Pope Francis. I also like that he uses Twitter to communicate! I think religious leaders should use social media to “spread the good news.”

The Pope has about 10.5 million followers on Twitter and when he tweets something there is an almost immediate reaction; like with this tweet:

How often in the Bible the Lord asks us to welcome migrants and foreigners, reminding us that we too are foreigners!

Pope Francis made some news this week and it was not because of what he posted on Twitter. The Pope did an interview with a German newspaper during which as the New York Times reported, “Pope Francis Signals Openness to Ordaining Married Men in Some Cases.”

There’s a shortage of Priests in the church and the Pope believes that the church can “combat a deepening shortage of priests by ordaining married men who are already committed to the church.”

The New York Times reports that the shortage is getting worse:

In the United States, there are now about 2,500 Catholics per priest, compared with 851 per priest in 1972, according to the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate, which is affiliated with Georgetown University.

They also report that it is worse in places like Africa, Asia, and Latin America. In Brazil, there are roughly 8,000 Catholics per priest.

Since religion is a pretty competitive business, look for other major religions to move into these places to “spread the good news.”

I think that churches need to change with the times – if they can reach more people by ordaining married men who are already committed to the church that is great.

Although this idea does not mean that Pope Francis will soon be announcing that women can become priests, who knows what will happen down the road.

The road from love to hate is easy. The one from hate to love is more difficult, but brings peace. – Pope Francis via Twitter


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