The Sunday Message

Every day is a gift from God, no matter how old we are. – Billy Graham

When I was younger it seemed that the hours, days, weeks and months were very long especially when I was looking forward to something (recess, birthday, Christmas, summer vacation, etc.).

Now that I am older, it seems that those same days, weeks, and months fly by. Here we are at the end of another February. This month always seemed to go by quickly (fewer days), but even more quickly since I am older.

A few years ago an “older” friend told me that when his feet hit the floor each morning he thanks God for giving him another day. I try to do that each morning because like Billy Graham said, “Every day is a gift from God…”

The good news (maybe it is good news) is that we are living longer – Reuters recently reported that the average life expectancy will rise in many countries by 2030, breaking through 90 years in some places.

So for those of us who are 45 and older, we have reached the time when we probably have fewer days left than we have lived. It’s like we have a countdown clock ticking toward to the end of life.

How will you use your remaining days? Tick, tick, tick…

## END ##