Wednesday’s Quick Hits

I’m back!

I’ve been traveling due to a family issue, but I have been watching the news and taking notes! Here are a few of my opinions on some of the things that caught my attention:

  • City Commissioner Tracy Houck
  • Gregg Smith & the Sex Shop
  • Melania Trump & Plagiarism
  • Trump is the GOP Nominee
  • Notes from my Travels

City Commissioner Tracy Houck:

The long city-wide nightmare is over. According to the Great Falls Tribune, Great Falls City Commissioner Tracy Houck settled with the commissioner of political practices and has paid a $1,200 fine. The Tribune reported that Houck was found in violation of campaign laws regarding proper filing of candidate forms and finance reporting.

In other words, she cheated. Whether it was intentional or not, she got caught. The system worked.

Gregg Smith & the Sex Shop:

I happened to catch the column from local conservative Gregg Smith about the “sex shop” on Central Avenue in Great Falls. He contends the city’s Land Development Code prohibits “sexually oriented businesses” there.

Smith is probably correct, but I have a feeling if the “sex shop” had a few casino machines in it, Smith would be fine with it.

For all the folks not lucky enough to live in Great Falls, we don’t have “sex shops” on every corner, but we do have way too many casinos (in my humble opinion).

Melania Trump & Plagiarism:

The folks running the Trump campaign showed they were not ready to handle a small crisis when Melania Trump was accused of using some of the lines from a speech Michelle Obama gave a few years ago.

The Trump campaign should have come clean and said they made a mistake. Instead, they blamed it on the media and Hillary Clinton – and gave the issue legs.

It was evident that a couple lines from Melania’s speech were from a speech given by Michelle Obama.

It’s too bad it was not handled well because Melania’s speech was pretty amazing for someone who has not given many speeches and the fact that it was delivered in English, which is not her native language. She supposedly speaks five languages.

Trump Nominated:

Can you believe it? Donald Trump is the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America.

You can read my column about Trump and the Republican Party HERE. The column appeared in several newspapers across Montana.


Here are a few thoughts from my recent road trip:

-The 80 mph speed limit: There’s an 80 mph speed limit on some interstates. I don’t think we need to drive 80 mph, do we? At that speed, you really need to pay close attention when you are texting and driving (just kiddin).

-RVs & Boats & Cars: Is it really a nice vacation when you pull a car and/or a boat behind your expensive RV across America? I’ll bet the gas mileage is horrendous.

-Road Construction: I drove about 2,700 miles last week and had to stop one time for road construction. That was near Harlowton, Montana. As for the rest of the road construction, which there was plenty, I only had to slow down.

-5 Hour Energy: That’s some good stuff…


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