Monday’s Political Quick Hits

Be pleasant until ten o’clock in the morning and the rest of the day will take care of itself. – Elbert Hubbard

Welcome to Monday! Here are some “Political Quick Hits” about some issues that caught my attention over the weekend:

  • Daines & Law Enforcement
  • Gianforte & Montana State
  • Montana Veterans Memorial
  • Montana Standard

Daines & Law Enforcement:

U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R-Mont.) sent an email Friday afternoon about honoring law enforcement during National Police Week. In his letter, Daines wrote:

During the summer of 2014, Cascade County Sheriff’s Deputy Joseph Dunn was struck and killed on Interstate 15 outside of Great Falls during a high speed pursuit. Now, travelers drive that stretch of I-15, renamed the Joseph Dunn Memorial Highway, and are reminded of Joseph’s selfless service to his community.

While it was nice of Daines to mention Deputy Dunn and his selfless service, the details were incorrect. Deputy Dunn was killed on U.S. Highway 89 between Great Falls and Belt, not on Interstate 15. The stretch of Interstate 15 named in honor of Dunn is between Great Falls and Ulm and which goes near the Cascade County Sheriff’s office.

Maybe Daines should spend a little less time on Snapchat and more time verifying the details in his newsletters.

Gianforte & Montana State:

In case you missed it, Montana State University has received a pledge of $8 million from Greg and Susan Gianforte. The funding will support MSU’s newly renamed Gianforte School of Computing and its South Campus initiative. Additionally, a large classroom in Norm Asbjornson Hall is expected to be named Gianforte Auditorium. (MSU News Service)

The Montana Board of Regents approved it last week. Greg Gianforte is a Republican gubernatorial candidate. (AP)

Hey Greg, old buddy, have I got a deal for you! For $200,000 I will name my house after you. I will put a sign on it. I’ll also designate a room in my house the “Gianforte Computer Room.” I’ll place my old Apple IIGS computer in the there and hang a photo of you and Susan on the wall. Contact me for details on where to send the check…

Montana Veterans Memorial:

In today’s Great Falls Tribune, Rich Ecke writes a very nice story about the upcoming 10th birthday of the Montana Veterans Memorial in Great Falls. Read it HERE.

If you’ve never visited the Memorial, you should. You can visit the website HERE.

One problem I have always been concerned about is the price of the tile to honor a veteran. The basic price for a tile is $225. That seems a little pricey to this veteran.

Montana Standard:

Thank you, Montana Standard, for publishing my column, “Republican Party deserves Trump” in your paper last week. You can read the column HERE.

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10 thoughts on “Monday’s Political Quick Hits

  1. Hey, Jackie. Did you ever notice that the biggest flag waivers and “patriots” are guys like lil’ mikey winters who never left the states to partake in actual warfare? I did. And I can’t STAND the little ego maniacs like mike who get their jollies off the sacrifice of others. And yes, I went to Nam. And since there’s a whole lotta guys who never came back, I like to think I speak for them.

    • Larry:

      Thanks for your comments. You are correct that some of the biggest flag waivers and “patriots” never left the states to partake in actual warfare. That is why I stay away from veteran service organizations.

      My feelings as a veteran is that “all gave some; some gave all,” although some seem to make a bigger deal out of their service than they should. Plus some, like Vietnam veterans, received poor treatment, so thank you for speaking up for those who never came back.


      • Larry,

        My father gave 24 years and flew as a bombardier in a B-24 and B-29. He wouldn’t let me serve being the last male in the family. He said he gave enough for both of us. I am a big flag waving supporter of our armed forces and veterans. Family members were lost in those wars, but not in vain. I travel a lot and and always reach out to active servicemen and thank them for their service.

        We need more people who did not serve to stand up and show the support the vets deserve…so you know, I won’t stop cause of what my dad gave and what every person who served gave…every one of them and you deserve it.

  2. Hey, I only live 3 blocks from MSU, for a donation from the Gianforte’s I’d be willing to name my driveway Gianforte Way. I think that should be worth a few bucks and it builds the momentum for the legacy on campus!! Seriously though, the regents now say they are going to reconsider guidelines for naming buildings on campus. I’m going to suggest that they name them after professors who teach the students. I don’t think it should just be about money.

    • Kathy – Thanks. I like the sound of Gianforte Way – does it veer to the right? 🙂 -JmB

  3. Just curious, would it be ok if Gianforte just donated $8M to MSU and didn’t have his name used?

    • Barry – Since he’s doing it for publicity, I doubt he would do it without using his name.

      BTW – If he wants to donate the $200k to me and remain anonymous, I would be fine with it.

      I just think the regents should have waited until after the election to approve it – it’s only six months. Gianforte still received the much-needed publicity for his campaign by announcing it. I wonder if he would still do if he lost the election.

      Thanks for reading,


      • I was just being a bit facetious, I think he would have gained more attention by not having his name added for PR sake. Any transfer of money carries benefits to both parties…the nobleness of the gesture will certainly outlast the use for political gain! I would say well done for both parties.

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