Monday’s Political Quick Hits

In order to succeed, we must first believe that we can. – Nikos Kazantzakis

Welcome to Monday! Here are some “Political Quick Hits” about some issues that caught my attention over the weekend:

  • Bernie in Montana
  • Wittich Punishment
  • Bullock emails
  • AP Final on Burns
  • TWW Poll Results
  • Oh Dwyane

Bernie in Montana:

Bernie Sanders is coming to Montana! Sanders will be holding rallies in Missoula and Billings this Wednesday. Missoula’s rally will begin at 10 a.m. on Wednesday in the Caras Park Pavilion, and the Billings rally will start later that day at 5 p.m. at the Montana Pavilion (MetraPark).

I like Bernie Sanders. He may not win the Democratic nomination, but he has excited the younger voters across the USA – and that is a good thing.

Wittich Punishment:

Commissioner of Political Practices Jonathan Motl swung for the fence last week when he said that Montana State Rep Representative Art Wittich should be removed from office and fined nearly $145,000. (MTN News).

When I first heard about that, I said “Holy Cow.”

In case you missed it, a state District Court jury recently found that Wittich accepted $19,599 in corporate contributions and failed to report those donations.

MTN also reported that Wittich believes that Montana law does not allow his removal, because he no longer holds, nor is running for, the office connected to the campaign violations.

I guess we’ll find out who is right when they hold a hearing on June 17.

Bullock emails:

The long wait ended Friday with Montana Governor Steve Bullock releasing hundreds of pages of emails surrounding the departure of Lt. Gov. Angela McLean.

I’m yawning here.

The MTN headline was favorable toward Bullock:

Bullock releases private emails; sheds little new light on McLean departure

If you want to read the emails, The Montana Free Press has the “Complete Volume of Gov. Steve Bullock’s May Email Release” posted HERE for all to review.

AP Final on Burns:

Associated Press (AP) reporter Matthew Brown (no relation) finished off the reporting of the death of U.S. Senator Conrad Burns Friday evening (May 6) with a 500-word story.

I had several friends contact me and say they did not like the tone of the story. I had skimmed the story earlier, so I went back to re-read it. I have to agree; it was a piece of crap.

Matthew Brown must have used notes from former Montana AP reporter Mary Clare Jalonick or maybe former Lee Newspapers reporter Jennifer McKee, who both let their left-leaning ideology seep into their reporting. They seemed hell-bent during their insignificant Montana careers to nail Burns. They would be proud of Brown’s shitty reporting.

TWW Poll Results:

Last Thursday I asked the question in a poll, “Are you more likely or less likely to vote for a wealthy candidate who spends his/her own money on their campaign?”

Here are the results: 45% said it does not matter, 36% said they were less likely, and 18% said they were more likely.

Thanks to all who participated!

Oh Dwyane:

Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade has managed to tick off a whole country. According to several reports, including USA Today, Wade continued his pre-game warm-up by shooting baskets throughout the singing of Canada’s national anthem before Game 3 of the Heat’s series with the Toronto Raptors.

It looks like Wade fell out of the “stupid tree” and hit every branch on the way down.


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  1. Bullock had his staff spend 150 hours going through the emails to make sure nothing controversial was put out.

    It’s sad that we’ve allowed them to laugh at us like this.

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