CCRCC‎: The “Bullet” Statement

I’ve written a few times that members of the Republican Party seem to be forming a circular firing squad because of their ridiculous fights about some members not being conservative enough. Just about anyone who follows Montana politics knows that the Cascade County Republican Central Committee (CCRCC) is in constant turmoil because of the silly fight.

It just got very serious – life and death serious.

Over the weekend, David Murray of the Great Falls Tribune reported on the CCRCC in a story titled, “A House Divided: Local GOP in bitter leadership dispute.” You can read it HERE. It’s about 2,300 words, so top off your coffee cup. It’s pretty shocking what Murray uncovered.

Murray reports:

The depth of the chasm separating the GOP candidates was spotlighted last week when the Great Falls Tribune obtained an audio recording of a CCRCC meeting held April 7. Comments made during that meeting have prompted allegations of hostility, bias and racism, and have led Republicans on both sides of the divide to question their opponents’ conservative credentials.

J.C. Kantorowicz is a Republican candidate for Senate District 10. His opponent in the primary is Steve Fitzpatrick. Kantorowicz has called Fitzpatrick a RINO (Republican In Name Only) because he considers Fitzpatrick too moderate. I’ve written about him HERE and HERE.

During a CRCC meeting to discuss the process of selecting local delegates to attend the State Convention, according to the Tribune the following exchange took place:

J.C. Kantorowicz, primary candidate for Senate District 10: “So does this mean I have to come back on the 21st to keep Roger Hagan and Steve Fitzpatrick from going?”

George Paul, CCRCC chairman: “Well, there’s a good chance you’re going to have to come back.”

Judy Tankink, CCRCC secretary: “Unless you have a proxy. Would a proxy work in a situation like that?”

Kantorowicz: “A bullet would.”

Kantorowicz said he did make the comment, but told the Tribune, “I hadn’t had any supper and I had worked hard all day. I was tired and getting really cranky because now I have to come to another meeting.”

Maybe Kantorowicz should eat a Snickers bar before he attends an important meeting because as they say in the commercials, “you’re not you when you’re hungry.”

As for Fitzpatrick, he told the Tribune, “In this day and age, when a person suggests a political opponent should be murdered, you have to take those threats seriously. I regard the threat by Mr. Kantorowicz as serious and I believe Mr. Kantorowicz is dangerous and unstable.”

Murray’s reporting also uncovered negative comments made against Native Americans.

State Republican Party Chairman Jeff Essmann was asked by the Tribune about the fight and said he’d like to see Cascade County Republicans spend more time focusing on the task of defeating the Democrats in the fall.

That’s pretty much a bull$%$# response from Essmann. That’s not being a leader.

When asked about the negative comments made about Native Americans, he responded with, “In our bylaws it is clear that the Montana Republican Party does not discriminate against any individual…”

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

In the past several years, we’ve seen people who side with the Republicans parade around “Obama’s Presidential Library” outhouse with bullet holes. We’ve seen too many Obama and watermelon jokes on social media.

It’s a shameful display from the Party of Lincoln and Reagan. That’s one of the reasons so many people have become independents.

J.C. Kantorowicz probably sealed his fate in the primary with his “bullet” statement and that is good. Kantorowicz deserves to lose. Who knows what he might do if he gets elected and something does not go his way in Helena during the next state legislative session. Who knows what he might do when he loses to Fitzpatrick. Who knows what he might do when he reads this column.

Fitzpatrick is correct; Kantorowicz is “dangerous and unstable.” He should be prosecuted for his threat. He should be banned from the CCRCC meetings and from the state Republican convention.


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  1. I have shared this everywhere. It makes me want to hunt up my “headdress” and get down there to straighten them out. These comments and others like this is what makes it so hard to be a Republican!

  2. We know Republicans hate women, gays, poor people, old people, Indians, Native Americans, blacks and just about everyone else.

    • I don’t think it’s Republicians, it’s certain people in the party and I am sure Dems have their certain people as well. Don’t paint everyone with the same brush.

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