The Sunday Message

Christmas is joy, religious joy, an inner joy of light and peace. – Pope Francis

Twas the night before Christmas…and time to attend a Christmas Eve service!

Many churches plan a big service on Christmas Eve. I guess it’s kind of required if you are in the Christian religion business.

Some churches go all out and plan plays or skits with musical productions that would make Broadway proud. Other churches do a basic service with a short message and a Christmas song or two and you might get a gift or maybe be fed a cookie at the end. Still others conduct a Christmas Eve service like they are operating the drive through at a local fast-food restaurant – you are in and out quickly and on your way home for some eggnog!

Whatever your style, you should attend a Christmas Eve service this week!

You can normally find information about some Christmas Eve services in the local newspaper. Check out the website or the Facebook page for the church you are thinking about attending for the time of services (some churches have multiple Christmas Eve services).

I usually get pretty depressed over the Christmas season, so I try to attend a Christmas Eve service to help me get out of my funkiness. My family and I then try to drive around for an hour or so and look at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music before heading home to wait for Santa Claus.

I hope it’s OK to mention Santa Claus and churches in the same column…

Merry Christmas folks!

## END ##