Terrific News Tuesday

The first day of autumn arrives this week (Wednesday) – I don’t know if that could be considered terrific news or not – but I thought I would throw it out there!

In case this is your first time reading Terrific News Tuesday (TNT), this column is all about good news – there’s no complaining or criticizing today – just some terrific news that caught my attention!

Here is some of the good stuff in this edition of TNT:

  • Protect Montana Kids Initiative
  • Pope Francis
  • Pizza & Wings & Money
  • The TSA Blog

Protect Montana Kids Initiative:

It made me happy to read about Montana Governor Steve Bullock announcing the “Protect Montana Kids” initiative to improve systems serving children and families in the state.

The Initiative will focus on immediate system improvements, system reviews, and statutory recommendations for the 2017 legislative session. In short, his plan calls for more caseworkers, better supervision, and the forming of a commission to study the system to help make it better. Read more about the Governor’s plan HERE.

This is a great first step in protecting Montana’s children.

Pope Francis:

Pope Francis is visiting the United States for the first time and that is wonderful news. His visit to Cuba was historic.

This Thursday the Pope will address a joint session of Congress. Montana’s senior Senator, Jon Tester, will be serving on the Pope’s escort committee which means he and other members of leadership will walk into the House chambers with the Pope to hear his address. This is a great honor for Tester.

You can see the Pope’s official schedule for his visit to the United States HERE.

I’m not a Catholic, but Catholicism and religion in general has always interested me.

By the way, another neat thing about Pope Francis is that he is on Twitter: @Pontifex.

Pizza & Wings & Money:

Mike Vegas ordered pizza and wings from Domino’s and only ate one slice of Pizza before putting the boxes in the refrigerator while he went to work. After he returned home from work, he wanted some wings and when he opened the box he found two stacks of bills totaling about $1,300. Read the story HERE.

The good news is he did the right thing and returned the money to Domino’s. As a reward for his honesty, Domino’s will give him free Pizza for a year.

Vegas showed a lot of people that it pays to be honest and that is a terrific message.

The TSA Blog:

The good news is that officials working for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) are finding a lot of guns when they examine bags at airports which prevent them from being taken on an airplane. That makes us safer!

According to their blog, they found a record number during the September 11-17 time period:

A record number of 67 firearms were discovered this week in carry-on bags around the nation. The previous record of 65 firearms was set in 2013. Of the 67 firearms discovered, 56 were loaded and 26 had a round chambered.

Note: These guns were found in carry-on bags.

More good news – they also found stun guns, knives, and black powder.

You can read the TSA blog HERE. They also disclose in which airports these weapons were found.


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