Cascade County Republicans: A Mini Circus

The Great Falls Tribune published a story earlier this week about the Cascade County (MT) Republican Central Committee “quarrelling” within their ranks.

It was such a big ——- deal that not one but two political science professors were interviewed for the story. It’s worth a few chuckles if you want to read it. Click HERE.

The article began with State Representative Wendy McKamey who has decided to run for a different legislative seat (HD-19) which is currently held by State Representative Randy Pinocci. McKamey lives in HD-19 but she represents HD-23 (my district) in the state legislature.

In Montana, a candidate/elected official does not have to actually live in the legislative district they are running for or representing, which is wrong for several reasons, but legal.

Personally, I don’t see much difference between Pinocci and McKamey. They are both extreme right wingers. Both voted for HB 583 which was the Agenda 21 bill introduced by Pinocci. McKamey was way too far to the right to get my vote in the last election.

The Tribune reported that the leaders of the Central Committee supposedly told McKamey that she was not allowed to display her poster at the Republican Central Committee booth during the Montana State Fair. She was not allowed to volunteer at the booth, either.

When I read that she was not allowed to volunteer at the fair booth, tears filled my eyes. (just joking)

It looks like the Central Committee made the decision about whom they will support between McKamey and Pinocci if it comes to a primary.

I was involved with the Cascade County Republican Central Committee for many years and attended many of their meetings, volunteered at their fair booth, and helped run their website. Those running the Committee back then are worlds apart from the folks running it now. I don’t remember too many times when “quarrelling” made headlines in the local newspaper.

On a smaller scale the problems with Cascade County Republican Central Committee are similar to the problems with the Republicans in the state that seem to show up every two years during the state legislature. These problems even mirror some of the problems we’ve seen nationally within the party.

This is not the party of Reagan any more.

The GOP tent flap is pretty much zipped up when it comes to moderates. Here in Montana if it wasn’t so difficult for independents to get on the ballot, the Republican Party might be dead and buried already.

There are a couple bright spots for Republicans in Cascade County. State Representative Steve Fitzpatrick and State Senator Ed Buttrey do a fantastic job in putting their constituents ahead of the party. They basically stay away from the Central Committee.

Fitzpatrick and Buttrey have the personal resources and experience to win elections, but new candidates needing the assistance and guidance of the local Central Committee may have to take a test to show their Republican purity level is about 100% before they get help with their campaign.

Finally, the good news is that we have a mini circus going on within the Cascade County Republican Central Committee that should keep us entertained for the foreseeable future.

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