Campaign 2016: Reality TV

Donald Trump is the candidate who just keeps giving!

Last month I said that Trump was gaining traction in the GOP Presidential race and that listening to Trump is like watching a NASCAR race at Daytona – maybe you don’t care for NASCAR too much, but you like to see a good crash so you just have to watch.

Trump has managed to say negative things about immigrants, U.S. Senator John McCain, and most recently, Fox News star Megyn Kelly.

Now Trump is dividing the Republican Party. Since his dust-up with Kelly during the debate last week, he has managed to harm the Republicans with the all-important women’s vote. Trump is also causing several problems for Fox News.

Erick Erickson of the conservative group Red State disinvited Trump to its meeting because of the Megyn Kelly remarks. When Erickson announced that Trump was disinvited, you could hear many people booing.

Even Rush Limbaugh went after Fox News for their questioning about the war on women, and according to an article in The Hill, Limbaugh felt that Fox News was “was urged to go after Trump during the first debate.”

If you support Democrats, you have to love this.

After all the problems Trump’s had, a post-debate NBC News/SurveyMonkey poll finds him still leading the GOP Presidential field with 23% of the vote. U.S. Senator Ted Cruz came in second with 13%.

This post-debate poll has got to worry the Republican leadership.

One other interesting thing that happened over the weekend is that it appears not all people are charmed by Fox News’ Kelly. A petition posted on Friday at seeks to prevent Megyn Kelly from hosting any further Republican debate. As of this morning the petition has almost 36,000 signatures.

I’ve never been that impressed with Kelly. It appears many other feel the same way. I would suggest that Fox News viewers check out other sources for at least part of their news – to get the big picture. It won’t take long to determine that Fox News is not as “Fair and Balanced” as they claim to be.

Meanwhile this 2016 GOP Presidential campaign, starring Donald Trump, is reality television at its best!

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