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If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. – John Quincy Adams

Welcome to “Thursday Numbers!” In case you’re new around here, “Thursday Numbers” is the weekly column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary sometimes sprinkled with sarcasm.

This week’s topics include the Discovery channel and the Duggars, health insurance and Montanans, unemployment, Tom Brady’s pool cover, the bonsai tree, the Marine Corps congressional fellow, Voting Rights Act, questions for the debate, worst moments in Presidential debates, the 24/7 sobriety program, the August recess, and much more!


That’s how much ($19 million) it cost the Discovery Channel for the cancellation of the “19 Kids & Counting” show that featured the Duggar family. (Source)



That’s how many new claims for unemployment were filed last week. (Source)


Preliminary statistics show the state of Montana saw a net increase of more than 23,000 people with health insurance as of May 2015. (Source)

It was also reported that about 151,000 Montanans currently lack health insurance so there’s a lot more work to be done.


That’s how much ($8,500) New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady reluctantly paid for a pool cover for his personal pool at his home. How do we know this? Many of Brady’s personal emails have been made public during the “Deflategate” investigation. (Source)

I can see why people are reluctant to release emails and text messages…


The 390-year-old bonsai tree has quite a history, including surviving the blast of the atomic bomb, Little Boy, which was dropped over Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II. (Source)

By the way, the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, Japan, on this date in 1945. (Source)


Roll Call reported yesterday that the Gunnery Sgt. Peter James Boby, who was a Marine Corps congressional fellow in the office of California GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter, was arrested Tuesday on Capitol grounds carrying two loaded guns, 114 rounds of live ammunition, a military ballistic vest and two knives in his car according to court documents. (Source)

Roll Call also reported that following an arraignment, it appears Boby will be getting a new assignment off the Hill.

Ya think?


President Lyndon B. Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act 50 years ago today. (Source)


According to Gallup polling, here are 11 questions American people would ask the candidates during the Republican Presidential debate tonight.

I don’t care for reality television that much, but I’ll be watching…


Courtesy of National Journal, here are the 10 worst moments in Presidential debates.

My favorite was the VP debate when Adm. James Stockdale began his opening statement with the question, “Who am I? Why am I here?”


Last week the seven-member Montana Supreme Court ruled unanimously in favor the Montana’s 24/7 sobriety program after it was challenged in court. (Source)

This is one of the better things Montana has done to deter drunk driving.


United States Senators are taking their annual August break and the senate will be in recess for the next five weeks. Senators will return to Washington September 8. (Source)

Is this a great country or what?


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  1. Anonymous (if that is your real name):

    Good job regurgitating your righwingnut talking points that have been crammed downed your wiling throat.

    “However, the list of charges that are cited in the “Example” block above and proffered as documenting Michael Brown’s criminal record appear to have been erroneously drawn from a Missouri court search in which someone found a case involving some other Michael Brown and mistakenly assumed that person was the teenager killed in Ferguson. However, that case record (3SL-CR12675-01, ST V MICHAEL R BROWN) referenced someone with a similar but different name (Michael R. Brown vs. Michael Brown, Jr.), who lived in a different Missouri town (Troy vs. Crestwood) and was born in a different year (1997 vs. 1996) than the Michael Brown who was shot in Ferguson.”

    Who was the irresponsible moron who left a drawstring type garbage bag in the cell of a woman who claimed suicidal tendencies?

    If racism is not kept in public view it won’t ever be resolved, let alone reduced by those willing to make the effort. Racists would just as soon prefer that it gets swept under the rug and forgotten. After centuries of oppression, segregation, abuse and discrimination is it any wonder that POC are going to cast a jaundiced eye on a white they don’t know or trust?

    You’re are correct, you’re not born a racist. You are raised and trained to be a racist, it’s a learned behavior. Dysfunctional behaviors can be changed, but that takes work on that person’s part.

    When you say “all lives matter” that’s just a white man’s cop-out because they don’t want to be troubled with the matter. Who is on that list? Muslims? Hispanics? Zygotes?

    You need to learn what dog-whistle racism is.

    • doug – I appear to have been the ANONYMOUS writer, but it is just Barry responding to your race inspired comments. I don’t know why my name did not follow my comments. if this shows up as anonymous, you will know it is me. Snopes is not a reliable source for accurate information any more than wikipedia…

      Michael Brown was a criminal and we all watched the video feed from the convenience store where he robbed it and assaulted the employee. That is indisputable.

      You obviously know more about the Sandra Bland case than the police. What reason is there to have faked her suicide? She had a record of being suicidal and even noted it during her arrest. That bag could have fallen from a cleaning cart near the cell…no one knows except the conspiracy folks. All your examples are events where a black person was the victim, why no white victims of blacks or black victims of blacks. Most people see things as black and white, you see things white on black…

      As far as calling me a rightwingnut is about as accurate as being a leftwingwackjob. I am neither. I am not one who is pigeon holed into a specific category, I think for myself and my opinions are my own.

      Obama is a socialist much like Bernie Sanders, he is not the man he said he was before being elected. But he is that man now. I believe he is more concerned with his legacy than anything.

      All lives matter has nothing to do with color for me, it is the right of every human being, born or unborn to the rights and freedoms of everyone else. Yes, black lives matter as well as every ethnicity and every person on this rock. IMO, anyone who doesn’t respect the rights of other or feel they can kill them has lost their rights to play the game.

      So back to the original point, stop bringing in race in a discussion where race is not the topic…have a nice day…where ever you are.

      • A favorite ringwingnut response when they don’t have a cogent counterpoint. Just dismiss the site as unreliable. Had you read the article you would see that they cite the source material something rightwingnuts seem to be incapable of doing. You actually looked at items at wikipedia you would see a lot of superscript numbers that if you click on them will take you to the supporting information in the notes at the foot of the piece. Maybe that why they are called footnotes.
        You have decided Michael Brown is a criminal based on unfocused and unclear video footage. But he was never tried, let alone convicted, because he was killed in sold blood in the middle of the street having been shot 3 times from behind. There is ample witness testimony and video showing that he never charged. He was at least 50 feet from the office as he turned, raised his hands and went to his knees before the officer pumped 5 more rounds into him.
        When it talks like a duck, it’s a duck. When you talk like a rightwingnut, you’re a rightwingnut. nd don’t give me any of that whiny garbage about why aren’t other crimes reported. They are reported but when you have any epidemic of black people dying at the hands of white cops, that’s gonna get some attention. It’s a pattern of abuse and violations of constitutional rights.
        You’re just making up BS excuses to cover for a police dept that allowed a prisoner to die in the custody. Again, why would there be drawstring garbage anywhere near the cells?
        Obama is not a socialist and Bernie is a democratic socialist. You might want to research the differences. The only reason rightwingnuts call him a socialist/nazi/communist/fascist (none of which are the same as the others) is because they can’t call him the “n-word’.

      • doug, none of the events you described in the Michael Brown shooting match what forensics determined. Confirmed by the Grand Jury and the Obama’S own DOJ. Brown was never shot in the back, the video you refer to as unclear was clear enough that an untried eye could identify Brown and his actions. It appears you are living in the past, maybe you should come up for air, it appears you are having trouble breathing.

        Anything regarding Sandra Bland us pure speculation until the facts are determined.

        In case you missed it, Bernie Sanders is a self proclaimed socialist, like he admitted it in public!

        To keep things simple, let’s just agree to leave the race card out of non race discussions moving forward…

  2. Barry: Because it is an effective rhetorical device using contrast. Rightwingnuts call Obama a socialist, communist, just like Hitler, etc routinely because those things are bad and because they don’t dare publicly call him what they want to call him.

    America is nowhere close to being post-racial. Sadly.

    • doug, I don’t know where you live or if you get out much…but,in my mind, your statement would have been just a valid by saying “the President” in place of “the black man in the white house”. You interjected race into a non racial discussion. I have lived in western Montana for 15 years and my job over the past 28 years has taken me to every state but Alaska multiple times. I don’t find race as the issue the liberals and liberal media portrays it to be. Again, in my mind, we are a less racial country today then we were 28 years ago. I find that the more we are told there is a racial problem the more it actually becomes a greater problem. I don’t see where we are actually trying to solve the problem with positive steps…we blame cops, we blame a flag, we blame conservatives but never do we blame liberal speak so what is this administration doing about it. We have elevated Al Sharpton to that of the race czar and frequent visitor to the White House, but no positive action has come from those visits. In all my travels, I can only think of three occasions where i was afraid of where I was and the situation I was in…Chicago, Detriot and Miami…not one involved black people. If a black is murdered, he sends representatives to the funeral…if a white is murdered, he doesn’t even acknowledge it!

      Solving the race issue to the satisfaction of liberals will take time but they don;t want to wait because it is a political issue to separate the conservatives from the liberals to gain votes.Again, I don’t know you but I have a sense of who you are but I not here to judge you. You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. All I would ask is that you don’t promote the race card and we are a lot closer to being post racial then you think or care to admit and i think we have slid backwards since 2008.

      Don’t forget to stretch…

      • Tell me how we are becoming less racial while hicks nationwide celebrate their southern swastika while claiming it is only about heritage. Yeah, a heritage of oppressing non-whites.

        As the spotlight broadens to shine more light on the problem-Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Amadou Diallo- to name a few shows how more necessary coverage of the race problem needs to be acknowledged, dealt with and solved. As long as cops, mostly white, are getting away with cold-blooded murder then we know where part of the problem is, but it is a larger problem, especially within the white population. It all needs more exposure not more sweeping under the carpet.

        As a born and raised Montanan I have plenty of miles and places in the country and the world on my life’s odometer, just so ya know.

      • Yoh realize it has been proven that Michael Brown was a criminal who committed a crime, atracked an officer, tried to get his gun, mocked him and then charged him like a bull and was shot…even the DOJ said it wasn’t racial! Sandra Bland was suicidal and there is no evidence of foul play, no indictment. I am not familiar with the other two you mentioned, but i will. I won’the say racism is resolved and it probably never will be, but as long as liberals push the issue, it will be an issue. But it is better than it was and will get better again. But why don’t you admit there is racism by blacks against whites? That exists but you never hear The President or Sharpton comment when a black person kills a white, because only black lives matter. Can you admit that all lives matter? People are not born racists, it is hate that manifests it and it goes both ways…

        But my initial point is your changing the discussion to be racial when the point had absolutely nothing to do with it…but that is what most liberals do!

  3. I would highly recommend the novel Black Rain by Masuji Ibuse. It is a harrowing read of the devastation caused to the populace by the bomb.

    As to tonight’s debate, I wonder who the biggest poo flicker will be?

    • Rick – Thanks for the info. As for the “poo flicker” I imagine it will be someone other than Trump, Bush, or Walker as they are doing pretty well, although you never know about Trump. -JmB

  4. 18,344,000,000,000 and still rising – Our current national Debt…steady as she goes! – It pays to have good lawyers…

    23,000 I thought Obamacare gave health insurance to everyone…I guess that is just as true as it being affordable!

    • You can lead a horse to water… The Goopers have made it a policy to make the black man in the White House look bad with their obstructionism and willful, unreasonable delays. Some people just won’t apply for what they are eligible for, but the larger problem is state leges dominated by Goopers that do everything in their power to make it difficult to attain.

      You’ve got a few too many zeros following 19. The Quiverfull Duggars are out begging for alms now that they have been cut off from wingnut welfare.

      Read more Paul Krugman. The debt is of no consequence.

      • doug, why would bring in the color of his skin into plat…it is not even close to relevant.

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