Gallup: Confidence in Military, Small Business Rank Highest

It’s pretty quiet out there. The months of June, July, and August are normally pretty quiet on the blogging front with readers playing outside and enjoying summer instead of checking their favorite blogs for new posts. As a long-time blogger, my historic numbers show this year after year.

Here at The Western Word, I will continue to post columns six days a week – God willing.

There’s some big news on the horizon with the U.S. Supreme Court due to release their decisions this month on same-sex marriage and Obamacare. Presidential politics are on the radar as well as state political conventions. Announcements for state-wide office should be trickling in over the summer and into the fall.

Today a new poll from Gallup caught my attention. It was their annual “confidence in major U.S. institutions poll.” U.S. institutions include things like public schools, congress, presidency, small business, newspapers, television news, church or organized religion, banks, big business, organized labor, the police, medical system, military, U.S. Supreme Court, and the criminal justice system.

Gallup named each of these U.S. institutions and 1,527 people were asked how much confidence they have in each one. The answers could be a great deal, quite a lot, some, or very little. The margin of error is +/-3%.

Except for the military and small business, all the others are currently rated lower than their historical norms.

In looking at the results, it’s easy to see which U.S. institutions are rated lower than historical average. Congress “wins” by being 16 points below their historical average norm, with church or organized religion coming in 13 points below norm, with banks and courts coming in at 12 points below. The police are 5 points below their historic norm which Gallup says is an all-time low. Newspapers (-8) and television news (-9) have some work to do, as do public schools (-9) and the presidency (-10).

In looking at Gallup’s historical data, the military has been at the top for most of the years with people having the most confidence in the military from 1998 until today. Congress has been at the bottom for the past five years. Back in 1973 until around 1985 organized religion was rated highest. Health maintenance organizations were rated at the bottom from 1999-2006.

Gallup also pointed out that besides police, confidence in organized religion was at an all-time low.

Several of these U.S. institutions have a lot of work to do to regain the confidence of the American people.

See the full results of the Gallup poll HERE.

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