Super Bowl Media Day

I try to catch at least part of the Super Bowl Media Day each year. The players and coaches get some different or unique questions thrown at them. We often see a personal side of these people that we don’t normally get to see.

It cost $28.50 just to get inside the US Airways Center to watch Media Day – and fans had to sit in the stands and observe.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady handled it well as did Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. So did Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was asked, “What kind of stuffed animals do you like” by a young reporter. Belichick actually cracked a smile and said he liked a puppet. He added, “You can kind of put your fingers in. It’s a little monkey and then he can talk and move his fingers and nod his head, so he can kind of talk back to you.” (Source)

Suddenly Belichick seemed human and for just a second people imagined him on the floor in his child’s bedroom playing with stuffed animals – and maybe laughing.

Then there was Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. Lynch repeated 29 times variations of the line, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” He left after about five minutes. (Source) Each team was required to be there for one hour.

Although some people (even some in the media) thought it was funny, I think Lynch is a jerk. What if every player and coach at Media Day answered questions that way? Lynch has done interviews before so it’s not that he is afraid to speak in public. He seems to think he’s sticking it to the NFL and the media; the NFL should stick it to Lynch and suspend him.

When an employee starts to believe he is bigger than the organization he is working for, it’s time to take him down a notch or two. Many years ago when I hired new people, during training I would give them a cartoon that shows two people speaking at a party. One person says to the other, “I’m not actually somebody myself, but I am on the staff of somebody.”

Lynch is part of something bigger: a team (Seahawks) and an organization (NFL).

Lynch is making about $8 million dollars this season which is part of his four-year $30 million contract that included a $6 million signing bonus. $17 million of his contract is guaranteed. (Source) Whether he likes it or not, part of Lynch’s responsibilities is to speak to the media and be an ambassador for the Seahawks and the NFL. Fining someone who makes millions a few thousand dollars is not the answer; suspension is.

There’s no “I” in team.


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  2. On one hand I think Lynch is a jerk because, I don’t know if you saw, but there was a kid there asking him questions and he said the same thing to the kid as he did ESPN reporters. That’s kind of a dick move. He should talk some. If he gave the most bland or boring responses to the questions, nobody would even care about what he said.
    He doesn’t like the media, that’s fine, but, he’s going about it all wrong because now he comes across as a jerk when he didn’t have to do it that way. He could have said “Look, I don’t like you, and you know I don’t like you, so I’m not going to give you much here. I love my fans, I love my team, and I love football. The rest can figure out itself. If you have any questions, ask away, but I’ll probably be pretty boring, on purpose, because I don’t want to be quoted. Okay?”
    Or, something along those lines.

  3. Nobody likes to odd man out in this scenario. While my first team is the Raiders, I have been a Seahawks fan since they came in the league and went to their training camp at Eastern Washington University. The media just asks stupid questions, especially the sidelines reporters in NFL and NBA games right after the half. The media wants women in the media for ratings but the media tees them up to ask lame questions. Back to Lynch, he is an employee of the Seahawks and thereby part of the NFL. I think he sees through the lunacy of the media and does just what he needs to do. Questions like, “How do you manage to not be tackled?” C’mon really! For his career is just wants to play football but not be a participant in the media circus…Belichick being asked about a stuffed animal is somewhat cute but totally irrelevant. It’s 3rd and 8 on the 15 yard line and are you going to stop and think about his like for a puppet as he calls the next play. In my opinion, let’s just let them play the game…The NFL fines Lynch $20,000 for his crotch grab but uses a similar picture to sell a montage of Lynch photos for $149.00 on their website. He get $45,000 per game!

    Why does everyone today, who doesn’t do what we think they should, be fired or suspended? What if we all lived under those conditions? I am just so sick of the PC environment we we are forced to live in today…

    • Barry – thanks for your opinion. Lynch is making millions and although some questions are dumb he owes it to the Seahawks and the NFL (and fans who help pay his salary) to answer these questions. That is part of his job. He is 28 and soon the lights will go dim on his career – a career that will be high-lighted by him acting like an ass. -JmB

      • If he has 2-3 or more rings and sets rushing records, history will ignore these moments…why can’t a guy be true to himself instead of being who we think he should be?

      • Barry- Sometimes as an employee you must do things in your job that you may not like. That is part of the job and what he is paid to do. Thousands talk to the media although it may not be the most pleasant thing. He is acting like he is bigger than the game. He is wrong.

      • It would appear that he met his contractual obligations…if not, i am sure that Commissioner “God”ell will fine him again. You do have to admit the questions these guys get are stupid and irrelevant to the moment…If the Seahawks had an issue with him, ownership or management would come down on him. If he doesn’t care about PR, that is his choice…should he be something he is not for our benefit, to make him fit our views?

      • Barry – I doubt his contract has any wording about interviews. We’ll see if the NFL has the guts to do anything. He acts as though he’s bigger than the game and he’s not. All players work for the team and NFL and are required to do this (stupid questions and all). It’s now being reported that he wore non-NFL sanctioned hat from his own company – this could be a half-million dollar fine. To get his attention, the NFL should suspend him for the first half of the Super Bowl. -JmB

      • If they didn’t fine or suspend the Pats for “Deflategate” before the game and will address it after, that will hold true for Lynch…it would be a PR nightmare to punish either the Pats or Lynch and leverage the outcome of the most important game of the season and biggest money maker for the NFL…this story is on hold until after SB49!

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