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If you are a first-time visitor, “Caught My Eye” is posted right here every Friday morning! This is when I take a look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week. Sometimes I throw in a touch of sarcasm to make you smile – or to irritate you just a little – or maybe both.

Today I write about drunk driving in Montana, another Hail Mary from Tester & Daines, Republicans/Democrats retreat, a trained assassin, plus there’s a winner who is Making Montana Proud!

Montana: Soft on Drunk Driving

According to USA Today, “Mothers Against Drunk Driving released a report Thursday rating all 50 states and the District of Columbia on their efforts to stop drunk driving fatalities.”

Montana received the lowest rating of one star with five stars being the best.

Here is what MADD had to say about Montana:

Montana is a one-star state and has done little to reduce drunk driving, starting on the first offense, since the enactment of a .08 BAC per se law in 2003.

MADD challenges the legislature to take action and provide law enforcement with the tools needed to get drunk drivers off the road. Law are needed in Montana to require ignition interlocks for all offenders and to use high-visibility enforcement and no-refusal crackdown activities.

If the Montana Legislature could come together for one thing, it should be to strengthen the drunk driving laws in our great state. If they fail once again to pass laws that deter drunk driving, then this session will be a failure. That failure will fall on the Republican majority and their leaders.

Another Hail Mary:

If it’s a new week, then you can bet that U.S. Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines will try something to derail the Powder River Training Complex (PRTC) expansion.

In case you have not heard about PRTC, if approved, it would extend into southeastern Montana an air training area that would be used by B-1 and B-52 airplanes from Minot and Ellsworth Air Force Bases in North and South Dakota. Other planes from other bases could use the area, too. It would expand to about 28,000 square miles from the current 8,300 square miles that is used for training.

PRTC will save millions of tax dollars because crews will train closer to home. That means they will also be closer to their families. If the area had been approved for training 2013, the Air Force estimates it would have saved $21 million. (Source)

This time Tester and Daines will attempt to amend the Keystone Pipeline bill in the senate with language “to prohibit the Air Force from occupying low-level airspace over a crucial onramp for Bakken oil in Baker, Montana.”  (Source)

It’s just another ridiculous Hail Mary attempt that has no merit.

Next week they will probably offer an amendment to prevent the Air Force from flying in southeastern Montana because it could prevent Starbucks from building there.

The bottom line is while Tester and Daines are attempting to derail the expansion of PRTC, they are really telling military and aerospace/defense companies that Montana’s skies are closed.

It also shows a real lack of support for our armed forces.

Note:  Friday morning (Jan. 16) the U.S. Air Force approved the expansion of PRTC.  The FAA will still need to approve the expansion. (Source)  Congrats to U.S. Senator John Thune (R-SD) for his work on this important project.   

Republicans/Democrats Retreat:

The U.S. House and U.S. Senate Republican retreat is this week. It’s being held in Hershey, Pennsylvania. For some humor, they brought in Jay Leno. Plus, lobbyists are meeting with some of them.


The Democrats hold their retreat January 29-30 in Baltimore. I’m thinking they should bring in Conan O’Brien.

I always thought you had to make some advancement before retreating. Congress has not.

At least I hope they take some time for karaoke. I suggest “No Surrender” by Bruce Springsteen:

We made a promise we swore we’d always remember,
No retreat no surrender
Like soldiers in the winter’s night with a vow to defend
No retreat no surrender

Kurt Busch’s Trained Assassin:

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch told the court this week that he believes his ex-girlfriend is a trained assassin “dispatched on covert missions around the world who once returned to him in a blood-splattered gown.” (Source)

The ex- girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, filed a no-contact order with the court after she alleges Busch assaulted her.

If you Google “trained assassin” Busch and Driscoll are at the top of the results.

The best report about the “trained assassin” story comes from ESPN’s Keith Olbermann. Watch it HERE.

I wonder if she’s responsible for the chemtrails/contrails over Montana…

Making Montana Proud:

This section is where I mention people or groups whose actions embarrass Montana in some way.

-From KRTV/MTN News: Michael Hess of East Helena has filed suit against Montana Millionaire winner Jeff Fallang alleging that the two had an agreement to split the $1 million prize and that Fallang failed to uphold the bargain.

That is one of the main reasons why I don’t have any friends…

As a bonus, “Hess claims that two Town Pump employees witnessed both the transaction and the agreement, one of which has filed an affidavit in support of the suit.”

Effective today I will never talk to anyone when I visit Town Pump to buy my lottery tickets…

Plus, “Hess has requested a restraining order to prevent Fallang from spending the $500,000 he is claiming is rightfully his.”

During his interview after winning the million, Fallang said he would use part of his winnings to “take a 4-20 tour” which prompted the Helena Independent Record newspaper to post an explanation from Youth Connections about “drug slang.” Youth Connections says a “4-20 tour is a reference to getting high on marijuana.”

It’s reefer madness…

They also informed readers, “A 420 tour is available in Colorado where they take people to different locations to smoke pot.”  I commend the newspaper for promoting Colorado vacation ideas.

It looks like Montana Millionaire winner Jeff Fallang winnings may go “up in smoke” one way or the other…

One More Thing:

“Being offended is part of being in the real world.” – Courtney Love


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