Hey Cable Guy – You’re on Probation!

I am a long-time cable television subscriber – about 35 years. I’ve gone through the never-ending changes in cable companies here in Montana (we should be given a medal). They all promise in some way that they are providing me “with the very best products at the very best value.”

Charter is just the latest company to offer cable, internet, and phone service in Montana.

I’m a television and internet guy – and I’ve got the belly and the large butt to prove it! All I want is to turn on my TV and click on Google Chrome and have them work. I watch mostly sports and news – and I watch movies over Netflix and catch up on some shows via the internet. One of the main reasons I am keeping my cable is because I watch a lot of football and football is on ESPN, NFL Network, and Fox Sports – all of which I need cable or I need to switch to satellite service.

I officially placed Charter on probation a month or so ago when my cable was out. I told the nice lady from Charter that I was tired of them squeezing every last dime out of me. My cable was quickly fixed. While I was on the phone, I also pointed out that one of their websites said certain channels were “Included in All TV Packages” and that I was not getting these channels. She told me that service in Montana was different and I said something like, “You can’t be serious.” A few days later, I was surfing and those channels were now showing up on my television.

Now it’s required that we have a digital cable box for every TV, which seems to me to be another way to get more money from my already depleted wallet. I ordered the required (and free for the first year) digital cable box – I have three HD televisions and only two have digital boxes. As for the other TV, I made my own antenna and can pull in about 10 digital channels. I think I will purchase a real antenna for $20 and see how many more channels I can get.

While I am complaining, I am also tired of Charter’s commercials. I think they should hire someone to sell more advertising to other businesses, so I won’t have to see a Charter commercial at every commercial break.

The latest commercial is about Charter’s “triple play” with people in a Charter office dancing and singing 844-644-2999 over and over. Maybe it does work because 2-9-9-9 is stuck in my head – but I am already a subscriber.

I also dislike the Charter commercial with the “High-Powered Lawyer” talking about fees you’ll pay if you try to get out of the contract with satellite companies. They act like satellite dishes are bad, but drive by any cable company and you’ll see satellite dishes in their back lot.

It seems the local digital channels here in Great Falls break up a lot when it’s windy or snowing or even when the sun is shining. I’m hoping this can be fixed soon. If not, I may place an antenna on all my TVs.

Looking at the big picture (pun intended) we are pretty lucky to pay a few bucks and get hundreds of channels – but cable companies should realize that there are many long-time subscribers who are growing tired of getting squeezed for every last dime.


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  1. We have been with Directv for 15 years and they pull t he same game on us. I let my wife, who is from Philly deal with them. She has gotten us free boxes, many upgrades and discounts of the years, even on the NFL package. She plays the game better than they do! If you go to a sat elite service, go Directv over Dish, because we have had both, Directv has a better guide and more logical menus for using it.. I think the NFL package was free this year to new subscribers.

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