Campaign 2014: The Wrap-Up

It’s Monday. I scooped snow this morning. It’s cold.

Unlike the local TV weather guy, I don’t get too excited over snow and bitterly cold weather. I really want to like the local TV weather guy, but he’s making it difficult.

There’s also sporadic Internet access possibly because there’s a power outage in some parts of Great Falls, Montana. I really want to like Charter Communications, too, but they are making it difficult.

So Monday is not off to a great start. But there’s still politics to write about!

There are some political stories still trickling in about last Tuesday’s election. Over the weekend, I happened to read three of them.

Billings Gazette Editor Darrell Ehrlick gives readers his view in “From the editor: What I learned from Tuesday’s election.”

In about 800 words, Ehrlick tells readers that one of his first e-mails on Wednesday morning was from a reader saying “”How about this newspaper support Republicans instead of always supporting Democrats every single year?”

Besides politics, Ehrlick goes deeper in the political coverage by letting readers know that “Taco pizza’s popularity in the newsroom is waning.”  You can read his story HERE.

Lee Newspaper reporter Mike Dennison gives us about 700 words about how he feels the election will influence the 2015 Montana Legislature. He writes, “Any way you cut it, Republicans came out resoundingly on top in Montana, winning just about everything there was to win.”

In short, Dennison basically says the Republicans will still be in control, but there will be some Republicans who may side with the Democratic governor. You can read his story HERE.

Great Falls Tribune reporter John S. Adams devoted about 1,700 words to tell readers “Election Day was a bad day for Democrats in Montana and across the nation.”

Adams gives a good overview of the national election as well as the statewide election here in Montana. My “favorite” Political Science professor, David Parker, gives his two cents in the article.

You can read his story HERE.