Campaign 2014: Election Day Potpourri

This is it – Election Day 2014. Don’t forget to vote today!

If you are from Montana, click HERE to find out how to vote today. If you are from some other state, click HERE.

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Today I write about Family Research Council endorsements, Essmann speaks, Voter Fraud, Tidal Wave?, Campaign ads, and 2016! Read on…

Family Research Council:

The Family Research Council (FRC) Action PAC sent an e-mail yesterday telling me:

In the state of Montana Family Research Council Action PAC has endorsed the following candidates:

Steve Daines – US Senate
Lawrence Van Dyke – MT State Supreme Court

The FRC did not endorse Republican Ryan Zinke for the U.S. House, which may be a good deal for Zinke. The FRC seems to like the most extreme right-leaning candidates.

Another interesting thing is the President of the FRC, Tony Perkins, has already said, “If the Republicans do capture the Senate, there’s no more excuses about impeachment.”



Lee Newspapers reported last night “Senate President Jeff Essmann accused Secretary of State Linda McCulloch of illegally using government resources to influence voters to oppose a ballot measure to end Election Day voter registration.”


Essmann “asked Political Practices Commissioner Jonathan Motl to order her to immediately send 100,000 emails apologizing for what amounts to direct advocacy against Legislative Referendum 126.”

Yawn. Yawn.

Is Essmann just trying to get a little publicity since he is on the ballot this year?

Voter Fraud:

Sometime today and somewhere today there will be cries of voter fraud or intimidation or someone not being allowed to vote. There will be lawyers involved.  You can bank on it. You can just about bet next month’s mortgage on counting problems later today with counting machines breaking down or maybe even a broken abacus.

By the way, it’s almost a sure bet that Cascade County (MT) will be the last of the most-populated Montana counties to finish counting votes.

Tidal Wave?

This could be a big day for Republicans in the U.S. Senate. It could be a tidal wave that starts in New Hampshire, and North Carolina and rolls across Georgia and Kentucky and finishes up in Alaska later in the evening.

Campaign Ads:

Courtesy of the National Journal CLICK HERE to watch the most memorable campaign ads of this election cycle.


The 2016 election season begins at midnight!