Campaign 2014: Potpourri

Happy Tuesday! It’s a potpourri of political news!

Today I write about closed primaries, the new John Lewis ad, the new Steve Daines ad, the Great Falls Tribune and debates, TWW on Facebook and much more – so read on.

Closed Primaries:

The Associated Press reported that the “Ravalli County Republicans sued the state Monday in an attempt to require voters to register with the GOP in order to participate in the party’s primary elections.”

I am against this. It’s basically another purity test from the extremists in the Republican Party. Little by little they are driving moderates and independents away. The “big tent” is closing.

The Great Falls Tribune has this issue as their question of the day, “Should voters be required to register with a political party in order to participate in that party’s primary elections?” Click HERE to vote.

New Lewis Ad: Montana Roots

Montana U.S. House candidate John Lewis (D) released a new ad yesterday called “Montana Roots.” It’s a 30-second ad. You can see it HERE.

Lewis starts out the ad saying, “I can tell you all about my Montana roots….But I think it’s more important to tell you where I stand…”

Lewis then says he will “work to balance the budget the right way…Cut congress’ pay and perks…And keep our promises to our veterans and our seniors…”

He then takes a slight jab at his “opponent” whom he says wants to cut education and Medicare and give more tax breaks to corporations and billionaires.

This is Lewis’ second ad and it is another good one, but I don’t think it’s as good as his first ad in which he introduced his family to voters. Lewis has a great voice for these ads and he comes across better than his opponent, Republican Ryan Zinke, on television.

I give the new John Lewis campaign commercial “Montana Roots” an eight out of ten (8/10).

New Daines Ad: Timber

Current Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Steve Daines (R) released a new ad called “Timber” yesterday. It’s a 30 second ad. You can see it HERE.

Two men, Ed Regan and Denis Brandon, who are involved in the timber industry tell how “frivolous lawsuits filed by fringe environmental groups are placing hundreds of good-paying Montana timber jobs at risk.” They also talk about Steve Daines being a “businessman” and a “jobs creator.”

We’ve seen many parts of this sawmill in previous Daines ads. Daines seems to use this sawmill and the stairs inside some business over and over in his ads.

This campaign commercial is much better than previous Daines ads. The two men in the ad seem to be talking more from the heart and not reading lines.

I give the Daines campaign commercial “Timber” a nine out of ten (9/10).

Great Falls Tribune:

If you have the chance, check out the Great Falls Tribune’s opinion page (it is called the “Two Cents” page) today (Tuesday). It’s devoted to debates. There are opinion pieces from House candidates Republican Ryan Zinke and Democrat John Lewis about debating. There’s also a column from Secretary of State Linda McCulloch about debates.

The Montana Farmers Union and the Great Falls Tribune are attempting to schedule a debate between Zinke and Lewis. They say they “asked former state Sen. Ryan Zinke to name three dates when he could debate the other two U.S. House candidates in Great Falls between Sept. 22 and Oct. 31.”

I have written before that the Federal (U.S. Senate and U.S. House) candidates should have at least two debates after Labor Day. They owe voters at least that much. If they dodge, duck, sidestep, or evade debating, newspapers in Montana should call them out for being chicken.


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