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Welcome to “Thursday Numbers” – the spring break edition! Let’s be careful out there!

If you are a first-time visitor, “Thursday Numbers” is the column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary (sometimes spiked with a little sarcasm).

This week I write about Michael Bloomberg, Matt Rosendale, Steve Daines, John Walsh, Ryan Zinke, federal employees, unemployment, Hustler magazine, Reince Priebus, al Qaeda, Glamour’s Sexiest Men, Ford Mustang, Tea Party rallies, NBA playoffs, C-130 cargo planes, Steve Bullock, and much more!


Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is investing $50 million “to launch a new gun control organization that he hopes can rival the National Rifle Association.”

Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but I don’t think Bloomberg’s gun control plan will play well in Montana – in fact his plan will probably get shot down like a drone over Matt Rosendale’s ranch…


That’s how many gallons of water (38 million) will be drained from a reservoir near Portland, Oregon, because a 19-year-old was caught on videotape urinating in it.

Maybe they should make him take a swim…


Congressman Steve Daines raised $1.2 million during the first three months of this year for his U.S. Senate campaign. Overall he has raised $3.6 million since the beginning of 2013, and he has about $2.2 million in the bank. (Source)

Respectable fundraising, but not outstanding…


U.S. Senator John Walsh raised $946,000 during the first three months of this year for his senate campaign. Overall he has raised $1.53 million since he became a candidate in October. Walsh has about $700,000 in the bank. (Source)

Walsh has done pretty well in fundraising considering he started raising money nearly nine months later than Daines. They will both have enough money to get their messages out.


According to a press release from the Ryan Zinke for Congress campaign, he “raised a total of $460,260 in the first quarter of 2014 (January 1 to March 31) more than all other Republican candidates combined. Additionally his cash on hand, $423,774, is also more than all other Republican candidates combined.”

The GOP primary for U.S. House is shaping up to be a good one.


That’s the number of new claims for unemployment filed last week, which was an increase from the week before. (Source)


There are over 15,000 federal employees who make at least $200,000 per year. (Source)


That’s how many members of Congress there are, and copies of Hustler magazine are delivered to each of their offices every month, courtesy of Larry Flynt. He’s been sending them for 30 years.

The free perks in congressional offices are endless…


Reince Priebus, Chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), sent me an e-mail with the subject, “We are suing the IRS” in which he wrote, “Over 226 days ago, we filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the IRS to uncover the truth, but they are illegally stonewalling our legal requests for information.”

Have fun with that…


According to CNN, “A new video shows what looks like the largest and most dangerous gathering of al Qaeda in years. And the CIA and the Pentagon either didn’t know about it or couldn’t get a drone there in time to strike.” Experts estimate over 100 al Qaeda members attended the meeting in Yemen.

I guess we still need a little work on our intelligence gathering…


That’s the percentage of men who made Glamour’s Sexiest Men list who have some facial hair.

Although I did not make Glamour’s list this year, I have facial hair!


Happy 50th Anniversary to the Ford Mustang. (Source)

The greatest chase scene in a movie that used a Ford Mustang was in the 1968 movie “Bullitt” with Steve McQueen. Watch it HERE.


That’s approximately the number of people who attended the Big Sky Tea Party Association rally Tuesday at the capitol in Helena, Montana. (Source)

Don Pogreba over at the Intelligent Discontent blog managed to get an “exclusive photo” of the rally. See it HERE.


That’s how many years it’s been since “Two South Dakota girls on their way to an end-of-school-year party at a gravel pit in May 1971 drove off a country road and into a creek where their remains lay hidden until last fall when a drought brought their car into view, authorities said Tuesday.” (Source)

The waiting had to be so tough on the families – prayers for them.


That’s approximately the number of people who attended the Tea Party rally in Billings, Montana, on Tuesday. That’s “not counting political speakers, or the transients drawn to the big doings by the promise of a free sandwich” according to the Billings Gazette.

Wish I’d known about the free sandwiches…


That’s how many NBA teams will make the 2014 playoffs that will stretch well into June.

There are 30 teams, so your team is pretty bad if they did not make the playoffs.


Congressman Steve Daines and several other House members are concerned “that the Air Force has failed to adequately fund the modernization of the ANG C-130 fleet” so they wrote a letter to the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) leaders. (Source)

If the modernization is not adequately funded, that might hurt the Montana Air National Guard (MANG), which is scheduled to receive eight C-130H cargo planes. It’s looking more and more like the C-130H planes coming to MANG were taken off the back lot of a used car dealership…


That’s how many people were in an ad-hoc group that advised the state forester on which federal land should be nominated by Montana Governor Steve Bullock for priority restoration. Unfortunately, the process was not open to the public according to a report in the Great Falls Tribune.

I wonder what part of “open meeting” the governor’s folks don’t understand. The process should start over with open meetings that are publicized well ahead of time.


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  1. 100, Obama’s “Al Qaeda has been decimated” statement is his “Mission Accomplished” moment!

    • Barry – That could be the truth! It’s kind of funny, but al Qaeda just had to film their meeting – kind of like when some government employees filmed their meetings – the only thing missing was a little Karaoke or some terrible skits. -JmB

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