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If you are a first-time visitor, “Thursday Numbers” is the column where I take a look at the numbers that are in the news (in descending order) and provide commentary (sometimes spiked with a little sarcasm).

This week I write about Powerball, unemployment, potholes, Obamacare, Barbie, storm coverage, Ray Nagin, Corvettes, Derek Jeter, John Elway, John Walsh, and much more!


That’s the Powerball jackpot ($330 million) for Saturday’s drawing.

It’s OK to dream…


That’s how many new claims for unemployment were filed last week. It was an increase from the week before. (Source)


New York City crews filled 69,000 potholes in the first five weeks of the year — nearly twice as many as the same period in 2013. (Source)

There will be a lot of potholes where I live (Great Falls MT) since they don’t plow many of the streets.


That’s how many Montanans have signed up for Obamacare according to a report in Lee Newspapers.

This is good news for those 18,600…


Barbie (the doll) is 55 years old. Next week “Barbie will strike a sexy pose for Sports Illustrated’s 50th anniversary swimsuit issue along with famous beauties such as Christie Brinkley, Kathy Ireland, Heidi Klum and Kate Upton.” (Source)

I just love February…


A storm in the eastern United States will hit all or part of 22 states with ice and snow. (Source)

The reporting about the storm on cable news has been a little over the top…


A federal jury found former New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin guilty of 20 of 21 counts for taking bribes. (Source)


The President signed an executive order that raises the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour for “work performed by parties who contract with the Federal Government.

I think bloggers should get at least $10.10 an hour…


CNN reported, “Eight Corvettes fell into a sinkhole that opened up beneath a section of the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky on Wednesday.”

Why is there a corvette museum in Kentucky?


After five World Series titles, New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter announced that he is retiring after the 2014 season. (Source)

Class act all the way…


John Elway is now the General Manager of the Denver Broncos after signing a new four year extension this week. (Source)

The Broncos have played in seven Super Bowl games, winning only twice…


Montana’s new Senator, John Walsh, cast his first official vote around 5:00 p.m. (Eastern Time) February 11. The vote was on the nomination of Richard Stengel, of New York, to be Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy. Walsh voted “Yea.” The nomination passed 90-8. (Source)

You can use this information to impress your friends and make them think you follow politics closely…

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  1. 339,000 – based on the rhetoric coming out of the administration, I would think they are happy about this. It gives more people than they expected the freedom to pursue their passions and not be forced to work!

    • Barry – It’s always interesting to see how the administration spins the data. -JmB

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