Caught My Eye…

Welcome to the first “Caught My Eye” of February!

In case you are new around these parts, “Caught My Eye” is posted right here every Friday morning! This is when I take a quick look at some of the stories I did not have time to write about during the week. I often throw in a touch of sarcasm just to make you smile – or to irritate you just a little.

Today I write about the Baucus confirmation vote, Steve Daines & the deleted scenes, Zinke’s joke, Mansfield-Metcalf & Cecile Richards, Girl Scout cookies & Planned Parenthood, G.I. Joe, the cleavage poll, plus there’s a winner who is Making Montana Proud!

Baucus Confirmation:

U.S. Sen. Max Baucus was confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to China by a vote of 96-0 on Thursday afternoon. Congratulations to Senator Baucus.

Now the fun begins!

We may find out later this morning (Friday) who Governor Steve Bullock will select to fill the remainder of Baucus’ term. Lt. Gov. John Walsh is widely expected to be that person. In fact, it would be shocking if Walsh was not named. National Democrats are probably happy for Baucus to leave, so they can get Walsh to D.C. and give him the all-important incumbent status. The Republicans feel that Congressman Steve Daines can beat Walsh, so they are probably not that concerned about the appointment.

The Republicans are probably happy that Baucus is leaving, as they could never beat him. Over eight general elections, starting in 1974 in the U.S. House up to his last election in 2008 for the U.S. Senate, Baucus received on average 61% of the votes.

Ironically, Baucus mentioned in his farewell speech that he employed several staffers who had married each other. I did not hear him mention that he married his state director or nominated her to be U.S. Attorney for Montana. I’ll have to check the transcript as I dozed off during the actual speech. Staffers at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing should take note of their new Ambassador’s past shenanigans.

In case you missed it, the Montana Television Network (MTN) ran a three-part series called, “The Baucus Years.” It was a wonderful puff piece that I am sure team Baucus loved…

Steve Daines: Deleted Scenes

In response to Congressman and Senate candidate Steve Daines’ new campaign ad, the Montana Democrats posted a cute new video on YouTube that’s a “deleted scenes” version of the Daines ad.

You can watch it HERE.

Zinke’s Joke:

I wrote about this issue earlier in the week, but now Montana U.S. House candidate Ryan Zinke “says he was joking when he called former Secretary Hillary Clinton the ‘anti-Christ’ at a recent campaign event.”

C’mon, man! The folks on the far right are not going to be happy that it was just a joke…


The Montana Democrats have announced that Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, will be the keynote speaker for this year’s Mansfield-Metcalf dinner. The event is March 8 in Helena. More info can be found HERE.

Richards’ mother is the late Ann Richards, who was the Governor of Texas. I always admired Ann Richards.

Girl Scouts + Planned Parenthood?

Some folks way out in right field have been forwarding e-mails about not purchasing Girl Scout cookies in 2014, because the Girl Scout organization has “moved progressively Left, politically, to promote reproductive rights and a pro-abortion agenda.” They want people to “boycott Girl Scout cookies in 2014.”

They created a website called “CookieCott 2014.”

Give me a freaking break. I guess I am supposed to grill little Susie about her views on the issues when she shows up at my door to sell cookies. I can see it now, “Hi Susie, before I purchase a case of Thin Mints, may I ask if you are pro-life or pro-choice” or, “I’d like to know when you think life begins, Susie?”

Maybe that means there will be more cookies for the rest of us…

G.I. Joe:

Happy 50th birthday to the man, the myth, the legend: G.I. Joe.

In my book, Trails, Tales, and Journeys, I devoted a chapter to G.I. Joe. I wrote, “When I was younger, I played with G.I. Joe. That was back when G.I. Joe was a ‘real’ man. He was about 12 inches tall.”

My “Joe” also suffered some damage from being hit with a permanent magic marker, but he survived that – plus two dogs that routinely tried to chew his arms and legs off.

I also thought that G.I. Joe and Barbie should have hooked up, but Barbie went with the pretty boy Ken. Ken probably never touched an M-60 machine gun or dug a foxhole.

Making Montana Proud:

This section is where I mention people or groups whose actions embarrass Montana in some way.

-From the Montana Standard in Butte: “The Diocese of Helena is defending its decision to fire an unwed Butte Central teacher (Shaela Evenson) because she is pregnant.”

This story was first published in the Montana Standard and is now all over the world. I don’t agree with the firing. The Great Falls Tribune conducted a poll and 65% did not agree with the firing.

Evenson taught middle school students. I hope none of these students face a similar situation in their lives. The Diocese of Helena has certainly failed to teach the students at Butte Central about love and forgiveness…

Cleavage Poll:

According to, the Detroit Free Press ran a poll about “good” cleavage or “bad” cleavage. There were photos. They also wrote a story about it.

I decided to write about the “cleavage poll” in case Montana newspapers are having problems coming up with new poll questions…

One More Thing:

Don’t forget to stretch…


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