Extend Unemployment Insurance Now

It’s really a no-brainer – the U.S. Senate and U.S. House should extend unemployment benefits. They should get it done this week.

The 1.3 million people who need these checks lost their benefits late last year when congress failed to act before the holidays. It was a pretty cruel way to treat constituents. These people are now facing two or more weeks without a check.

I only have one condition – find some way to pay for it. I don’t care if it’s down the road a ways, just pay for it.

Members of Congress have overall approval ratings in the single digits, plus a new report found that over half the members of congress are millionaires. They are so out of touch with regular folks that showing just a little kindness might help people have a better opinion about them.

The basic reason for extending benefits is that we should take care of our own.

Millions of workers have fallen off the radar during the past couple of years because they quit registering with their local employment office for one reason or another and therefore don’t count in the weekly jobless numbers. The Department of Labor calls these people “marginally attached” and the latest report said there were about 2.4 million people in this category. Plus, there are 7.8 million “part-time” workers in the December report that had their hours “cut back or because they were unable to find full-time work.”

Although the Obama Administration touts the recent unemployment rate of 6.7% as good news, and even states like Montana are flaunting their low unemployment numbers, if those who are not counted in the official unemployment reports were counted the rate would be substantially higher.

In other words, it’s still tough out there folks. Anything Congress can do to help those in need, like extend unemployment benefits, would help.


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