MT Senate 2014: Coercion?

Montana Television Network (MTN) state political reporter Sanjay Talwani seems to have recently discovered that there’s coercion ‎in the United States military.

That news might be earth-shattering to people who never served in the military.

I guess the two-star General who told me to join the club or else, and the superiors who pressured me to donate, join, or participate to “make our (flight, squadron, group, wing, or base) look good” were wrong to do that.

By the way, I did not contact the Inspector General about it, either.

Talwani recently “broke” a story about a 2010 Army report that cites former Adjutant General John Walsh for improper private gain. A 2010 report. My calendar tells me we are two days shy of 2014. “The (2010) report says Walsh improperly solicited other Guard leaders to join a non-governmental group, the National Guard Association of the United States.” Talwani reported that subordinates said Walsh’s e-mails about joining the Association “seemed coercive” and “very threatening.”

The Inspector General report was “obtained by MTN News” which makes me really wonder how the report was obtained. Since Walsh is running for U.S. Senate, the timing of this story smells. My guess is that opponents of Walsh, either Democrat or Republican, probably provided the information to Talwani to harm the Walsh campaign.

In the political world, campaigns and their supporters are always looking for a friendly reporter to help their candidate or cause.

As for Walsh, he told Lee Newspapers he was not disciplined after the report and that his boss at that time, Governor Brian Schweitzer knew about it, as did current Governor Steve Bullock who picked him as his running mate. The Great Falls Tribune thought the Walsh story was so important that they placed it on page M-6 of Saturday’s paper.

Did the opponents of Walsh accomplish their mission to harm his senate campaign? Only time will tell.


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