“Views are my own”

It’s tough being a reporter these days. Instead of writing a story for tomorrow’s paper or next month’s magazine, news reporting is expected to be instant. You really need to beat your competition by getting the news on Twitter, Facebook, and on your website first.

I think I would love the competition in the news world to be first – and correct – and beat the crap out of the competition!

Having tools like Twitter and Facebook can also present other problems. I am sure many news organizations have rules in place for their staff when it comes to what they should or should not say on the company Twitter or Facebook page. They may have rules in place if they are using their personal Twitter account for their professional work.

Using their personal Twitter account for their professional work is where it gets interesting – and fun. Some reporters may put “Views are my own” or “Retweets do not equal endorsements” on their Twitter bio page to let readers know that if they have a few too many cocktails and Tweet drunk, or if they are just so ticked off at someone and forget the rules, they are not really responsible.

Late last week, right-wing radio host Aaron Flint posted a story on his Voices of Montana radio program blog about a reporter for the Bozeman Daily Chronicle (Laura Lundquist) Tweeting about Congressman Steve Daines’ vote on the budget bill. Lundquist supposedly called Daines a “Tea Party moron” on her personal Twitter page because he voted against the budget bill.

By the way, Flint disclosed on his radio show several months ago that his wife works for Congressman Steve Daines, so one might expect him to protect the home team.

Flint wrote, “A news reporter, not a supposed opinion column writer, for The Bozeman Daily Chronicle may be in a little hot water of her own after referring to Montana’s lone Congressman as a ‘Tea Party moron’ for opposing the latest budget deal in Washington DC.”

He also posted a screenshot of the Tweet. You can view it HERE.

Some Tea Party folks in Montana were a little upset over the tweet. Personally, I don’t know whether Congressman Steve Daines qualifies as a “Tea Party moron” or not over this vote, but I do have concerns about his votes being all over the place in the short time he has been in Congress.

As for Lundquist, she removed the Tweet and her account has been silent for a few days. She probably learned a valuable lesson from tweeting those three little words. I hope she returns to twitter land soon.

Since the Tea Party folks already believe that every reporter not on the Fox News payroll is against them, this should not be a big deal.





  1. Aaron, put this in context. Jackie is an irrelevant has-been who’s been out of the game for a long time now. Even when he was in the game, Conrad Burns wouldn’t promote him to State Director. Ok, he worked for the census, but so did my grandmother. Also have to feel bad for the guy, since his wife is bringing home the bacon.

    • Bob – Thanks for your comments. Good funny stuff. You must know me well – in other words I am just circling the drain. Come back and visit again. -JmB

  2. I see Mike…so when my own boss served in the Legislature was I “protecting the home team?” By the way, I was surprised, given the attention you attempt to pay to veterans issues, that you came out so strongly in support of the budget deal that takes a whack out of military pensions. Especially now- when the guys who will be retiring in coming years have served during wars going on now for more than a decade of their careers…hard to think that someone who served during peacetime will get more than some of these guys who have literally been at war for a decade.

    • Aaron – Calm down Grasshopper! You’re not wrong for protecting the “Home Team” ever. I never said I was for or against the budget deal. To refresh your memory I wrote,

      Proving that you never know how he will vote, Congressman Steve Daines was one of 94 members of the U.S. House to vote against the budget agreement. The bill passed the House 332-94. Daines issued a statement explaining his vote. Apparently Daines is beholden to (or scared of) the groups that Speaker Boehner railed against (see next section) these last two days. With his vote, Daines pretty much cemented himself to the Tea Party – and that is too bad.

      I’ve been around long enough to know that no matter which party controls Congress and the White House, veterans and military people usually get the short end of the stick.

      Merry Christmas!


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