Daines: A Big Fan

And the government shutdown goes on and on and on…

Recently we learned that military death benefits are not being paid. I can only imagine how much further the backlog is for disability claims at the Department of Veterans Affairs. It’s a mess. Who will blink first? Take my poll about the shutdown at the end of this column and, as always, the comment section is open.

In the meantime, I happened to catch an interview conducted by the Associated Press in which Montana’s first-term Representative, Steve Daines, was quoted saying that he “ran for Congress to serve the people of Montana“ and he “ran to have the courage and leadership to address the issues facing this county.”

These are very noble and worthy causes. Nice talking points, too. Daines should feel fortunate that as a first-term House member anyone wastes their time talking to him or even asking him his point of view. He seems to be just sitting in Washington waiting for Sen. Ted Cruz to tell him what to do.

But the zinger was Daines saying “It would be irresponsible to raise the debt limit without resolving the underlying problems that led to this crisis.” 

Apparently multi-millionaire Steve Daines does not understand the debt limit.

Daines, like me, likes Ronald Reagan. Daines once said, “I was a big fan of Ronald Reagan. He was the first president I got to vote for.”

Like Daines, I voted for Reagan. Unlike Daines, Reagan was my Commander-in-Chief.

The debt limit was increased 18 times under Reagan’s watch. Daines should really fact-check the talking points he receives from the Tea Party.

Ronald Reagan would be hard-pressed to endorse the views of Steve Daines or any other members of the Tea Party Caucus. In fact, I think Reagan would be ashamed of today’s Republican Party and the way they have allowed the Tea Party to run roughshod over them.

Reagan would be ashamed of Steve Daines.

It’s easy for Daines to tell a Montana reporter that he has “the courage and leadership to address the issues.”

On March 14 of this year, Daines introduced a bill (H.R. 1164) with several other Representatives called “Government Shutdown Prevention Act” which “requires the government to remain open if the Congress fails to pass a budget by the end of the federal fiscal year, Sept. 30.”

Democrats want to bring the bill to the floor, but now Daines refuses to support his bill. His spokesperson, Alee Lockman, showed her incompetence as a spokesperson when she said the Democrats plan to bring the bill to a vote was “a political gimmick.”

The same could be said about Daines introducing the bill in the first place.

Many of us would like to know when we will actually see “courage and leadership” from Steve Daines.