Shutdown: Week One

It was about this time last week when the countdown clocks were featured on all the cable news stations and everyone thought we’d probably avert a shutdown sometime during the day. It did not happen, and last Monday at midnight eastern time the “ball dropped” on the government shutdown.

The battle lines over the Government shutdown have been drawn this past week, with almost everyone having an opinion on whom to blame. Many of the main players appeared on the Sunday talk show circuit to make their case.

I happened to catch two Sunday talk shows – Meet the Press and Fox News Sunday. On Meet the Press, the Today Show co-host Savannah Guthrie was hosting for David Gregory. Guthrie should probably stick with the softer side of the news that the Today Show features and stay off Meet the Press. As for Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace must have received orders from the “mothership” to attack liberals more than normal. His questioning seemed pretty one-sided to me. That’s not always the way Wallace operates.

As for me, I still blame the problem on the group of Tea Party Republicans in the U.S. House and Senator Ted Cruz. For my readers in Montana, Congressman Steve Daines has aligned himself with the Tea Party. We all know what happened to Montana Congressman Denny Rehberg when he aligned himself with the Tea Party – he became “former” Congressman.

This problem could be easily fixed if a continuing resolution (CR), without a bunch of pork attached, was voted on the in the House. It would easily pass. Speaker of the House John Boehner does not have the guts to stand up against the Tea Party. Boehner is afraid they will throw him out as Speaker. Real leaders lead and Boehner is not leading. He will easily go down in history as one of the worst Speakers. As for Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, he is up for re-election in 2014 so look for him to do what his fellow Kentucky (Tea Party) Senator, Rand Paul does.

Now it looks like the next major date on the calendar is October 17 (10 days away), which is the date the debt limit must be increased. The GOP seems to want to tie passing a continuing resolution with increasing the debt limit.

According to our friends at PolitiFact, the debt limit was been increased under all recent Presidents (except Harry Truman). It was raised 18 times under Ronald Reagan. George W. Bush raised it seven times. It should be raised again. It will harm the country if it’s not increased.

This past week on the internet – especially on Facebook and Twitter – the propaganda being spewed is sometimes asinine. I think some of the people posting stuff are missing a few buttons on their remote control.

Finally, here’s a little video to get you through your Monday:




  1. Mike,

    You disregarded an interested volley between Chris Wallace and Jack Lew in that Jack could or would not answer how many had actually signed up for ACA. In fact, Jack even went as far as to tell Chris that “You are asking the wrong question.” Only a Democrat would in today’s administration would correct the media in what to ask when they are not following the script!

    I went through the process to see what it was like and it is a flat out joke…maybe you should try it and let us know how it works for you.

    Someone has to ask the tough questions and that is what Chris Wallace did because NBC, CBS, CNN MSNBC and ABC are place the ball on the teeball stand for the liberals to hit, that is easier then giving them a high softball…because they can still miss that one!

    Also, the debt limit is not the real issue but the impact of what Obamacare will have on the budget when not enough people sign up. The pool will be too small to generate enough money to cover its expenses. It is the Democrats that are crying wold about shutting down the government, I have yet to hear one Republican say they wanted to shut down the government. That is a direct result of the Senate and POTUS saying that they “will not negotiate”.

    • Hi Barry –

      I thought since Jack Lew was Secretary of Treasury he wouldn’t know how many people signed up for a health insurance program. That’s a question for Health and Human Services Secretary. So I did not think that much of his answer. I like Wallace, but he apparently drank the Kool-aid from the Fox News folks and became one-sided.

      In regards to the Health Insurance sign up, earlier you said you got though and what you already had was cheaper.

      Thanks for your comments! -JMB

      • I would have thought that Jack would have been prepped to cover those questions especially being on a Fox station. I am sure he was present when those numbers were discussed…

        I do feel that Wallace and Gregory are two of the best and most fair “journalists” in media today. 95% of the other talking heads are not qualified to be called journalists.

        I did get through on the first try. It amazes me that my out of pocket annually went up over $16,000 from what I have to get less coverage where I need it and more coverage where I don’t. Add the penalty (tax) for having an ACA non-compliant health plan of $1,100 annually. That $17,100 increase is more then what the average person in Plains, MT makes all year!

      • Barry:

        I think Lew was prepped to prepare for debt ceiling debate, not health insurance. I do believe that people will find it easier to get into the system in the coming days as the Obama Admin. failed in preparing for the the millions who would be accessing the site.

        Interesting numbers relating to your health plan. Maybe there will be some sort of tax rebate for you and/or the amount may change. -JmB

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