MT Attorney General: No Fun Allowed

There’s a new regime in the Montana Attorney General’s office, led by first-term Attorney General Tim Fox and his team of “seasoned professionals.”

Apparently, they are card-carrying members of the N.F.L. – the No Fun League.

For several years now CBS affiliates KRTV and KXLH in Montana have hosted a contest called “Pro Football Picks” where people picked the winners of NFL games and won prizes like pizza and there was a big grand prize at the end of the season. They also did the contest for the NCAA basketball tournament.

But now the fun and games appear to be over, courtesy of Montana Attorney General Tim Fox. 

On Friday I received an e-mail from the Pro Football Picks people telling me the contest had been suspended “until further notice” because:

KRTV and KXLH recently learned from the State of Montana Department of Justice, headed by the Attorney General’s office, that the “Pro Football Picks” promotional contest may be void and prohibited in Montana because the grand prize for the winner would be a free trip to Hawaii and viewers can register and submit their weekly picks on-line or through social media. The State notified us that Montana forbids prizes for Pick-the-Winner contests that exceed $100. We were also told that Internet registration and participation is prohibited without State approval. As a result, we have had to suspend the “Pro Football Picks” contest until further notice. KRTV and KXLH will be following up with state authorities.

They also added:

We truly regret any inconvenience for our viewers and will keep you informed as we learn more. If you have questions about the restrictions placed on your opportunity to participate in Pick-the-Winner contests this football season, you can contact the state’s Department of Justice ( or your local state senator or representative.

With my vast amount of sports knowledge I was always near the top of the standings by picking the winners (actually I only won once, and that was during a round in the NCAA basketball tournament). I played each week. Acknowledging that fact probably means Fox’s team of “seasoned professionals” will be kicking down my door and looking for evidence, such as an empty Papa John’s pizza box.

Seriously, I think Fox should concentrate more on real crime – like devoting time and resources to make sure Montana’s Sex Offender Registry is current – and spend a little less time being a wet blanket.

Most of all, Fox and his staff of “seasoned professionals” need to lighten up. They are starting to look like this is their first rodeo…

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2 thoughts on “MT Attorney General: No Fun Allowed

  1. Oh no, the state’s gambling regulators are enforcing state gambling laws. The horror!

    If you don’t like the law, use your vast knowledge and experience to lobby for a change. But don’t blame the DOJ for enforcing the laws. You’re the one sounding like a real amateur (or, more accurately, an irrelevant has-been).

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