“We are ready to go.”

It looks as though we’re going to attack Syria, probably with air strikes, and probably sooner rather than later. I’m thinking it will happen later this week. After the air strikes, nobody knows what we will do and that is what bothers me.

If we use our military to attack Syria, then we have inserted ourselves into their civil war.

Some reports say the Obama Administration is giving some of the leaders in Congress a heads-up (not asking, but telling) that the attack is coming. Some members don’t like that.

Hopefully nothing will interfere with congressional vacations.

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has told people, “We are ready to go.” In other words, we are ready to go kick some ass. The Administration’s wartime cheerleaders (Hagel, Kerry, Biden) seem to be out in force. People may start thinking that “W” is in charge again.

But do we really want to do this? 

A new Reuters poll found that “About 60 percent of Americans surveyed said the United States should not intervene in Syria’s civil war, while just 9 percent thought President Barack Obama should act.”

I think America is tired of wars. We can’t take care of the injured from the last few wars. We really can’t afford to help everyone around the world; besides our credit card is maxed.

People at the cable news stations are starting to act like war hawks. They want us to tune in to their station when the first bomb drops. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer seemed excited the other day when talking about attacking Syria. I think we should call him CNN’s war-time consigliere. There sure are a lot of “brave and heroic” reporters working for the cable news stations who are war hawks.

After hearing Secretary of State John Kerry speak about the Syrian government using chemical weapons on their people, did anyone else think back to the events leading up to the United States invading Iraq in 2003?

I think the part that reminded me about invading Iraq was in the New York Times, “…the nation’s intelligence agencies will disclose information to bolster their case that chemical weapons were used by Mr. Assad’s forces.”

Just take out “chemical weapons” and insert “weapons of mass destruction” and it’s almost like 2003.

After the invasion, Iraq was ours to fix. We’re still paying for it. Will Syria be the same?

The Russian Foreign Minister may have explained it best, “The U.S. and its allies are on a ‘slippery slope’ to military intervention in Syria that will have ‘extremely dangerous’ consequences for the region.”

Besides not having much support from home, it does not look like we have it internationally, either. That’s OK; we seem to like playing the gunslinger part where we ride into town and kill the bad guy.

Finally, here’s some advice – if you are a Syrian serving in the military and working in or around a military or government building, it might be time to take leave or vacation.

Better yet, run Forrest run…

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