Comment Cards, Tips, & Blogs

Unless you subscribe to the Great Falls Tribune, then you probably missed the article in Saturday’s paper titled, “Donovan denies claims in Baker’s blog.” It’s not online at this time.

To set this up, a few weeks ago (July 20) Great Falls Tea Party activist Cyndi Baker wrote in her personal blog about a customer at the restaurant (reported by the Great Falls Tribune as the Jakers restaurant) where she is employed leaving a note on the customer comment card that was mildly critical of her political views. Baker contends the note was left by Cascade County Democratic Central Committee Chairman Carl Donovan. You can read that post HERE.

In the Saturday Tribune article, Donovan “denied writing the comment on the Jakers comment card.” Baker was quoted saying, “I stand by my blog.”  

Then last week (August 5), she wrote about another customer “former school board chairman Steve Erwin” whom she had disagreements with in the past saying about his visit to the restaurant, “To his credit, he was nothing but polite, civil and gracious. He even left a 15% tip!” It was kind of a comparison of Erwin and Donovan – two people she has had disagreements with and how they handled it. You can read the post HERE.

After reading the latest note from Baker, I thought to myself that I might not want to frequent a place of business where an employee wrote about my comments to the management or how much I tip.

I guess the management of Jakers agrees. The Tribune reported, “A manager at Jakers on Friday said the restaurant does not condone Baker writing about the comment card and said internal action has taken place.”

Amen to that. Now, if they could quit running out of prime rib on Saturday night…

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