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This week I write about American Tradition Partnership, unemployment, Jay Z, Bob McDonnell, Steve Bullock, No More Names, Warrensburg, subscribers, NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls, Montana State Fair, George Brett, Ryan Braun, Liz Cheney, Mike Enzi, DUI, Hall of Fame game, student loans, and a lot more!


That’s how many new claims for unemployment were filed last week which was an increase from the week before.

Will we ever see several weeks in a row where there are decreases?


According to the Associated Press, the Montana commissioner of political practices wants a judge to fine American Tradition Partnership $321,365 for “blatant and pervasive violations” along with an “obvious disdain” for state laws.

One has to wonder if the commissioner of political practices would request that large a fine for groups that supported candidates he supported…


That’s how many “units” of Jay Z’s “Magna Carta Holy Grail” album were sold in its second week.


USA Today reported, “Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell said Tuesday he has repaid more than $120,000 to a political donor and apologized for bringing “embarrassment” to the state.”

He announced his apology on Tuesday during the Royal Baby news and Wednesday he was in Afghanistan (ironically with Montana Governor Steve Bullock).


According to the website,, that’s how many Americans have been murdered with guns since Newtown (as of this morning).


During a speech yesterday in Warrensburg, Missouri, (one of my old stomping grounds) President Obama said he had 1,267 days left in office.

And Republicans thought they were the only ones counting…


The Associated Press reported that according to Guard spokesman Maj. Timothy Crowe there are 233 Montana National Guard troops deployed overseas from Croatia to Afghanistan.

Montana Governor Steve Bullock is visiting some of them in Kuwait and Afghanistan, and some Montana reporters could hardly contain their excitement when reporting about the Governor’s secret trip.

Thanks to the troops who are serving!


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“A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal polls finds that in addition to setting new milestones for futility, Congress is also more hated than it’s ever been. A full 83 percent of respondents say they disapprove of the job Congress is doing, the highest number for that questions since the poll began.”

That’s pretty bad…


The 2013 Montana State Fair (July 26 – August 3 in Great Falls) will be celebrating its 82nd anniversary.

It’s a tough job putting on a fair because you can’t please everyone. I salute the state fair staff for all their hard work – Thank you!


Milwaukee Brewers slugger Ryan Braun “agreed Monday to a 65-game suspension for unspecified violations of baseball’s drug rules and labor contract” according to ESPN.

Braun was the 2011 National League MVP; should he be stripped of that award?


The NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll also shows that only 45% approve of the job President Obama is doing.


Did you know that Wednesday marked 30 years since George Brett’s pine tar game in New York?

You don’t know about the pine tar game? That’s baseball history! By the way, my George Brett baseball card is tucked securely away…


According to Public Policy Polling, Liz Cheney is trailing Mike Enzi in the Wyoming Senate race by 28 points (54%-26%).

It seems that most everyone likes Mike, as his approval rating is 59%.


The Associated Press reported, “A Billings woman who struck a plea agreement that dismissed what would have been her 13th conviction of driving under the influence was given a three-year suspended sentence and warned by the judge that if she drives drunk and kills someone she ‘will spend some real time in prison.’”

I bet she’s really worried now…


This season’s first pre-season NFL game is the Hall of Fame game on Sunday, August 4. The Cowboys and Dolphins play. Other pre-season games start August 8.

I am ready for some football!!!


That’s soon to be the new interest rate for student loans. The bill passed the Senate Wednesday and is expected to pass the House and be signed by the President.

Education should not be expensive…


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  1. You forgot one:


    The number of phony scandals that are real scandals that President wishes would go away, but won’t.

    • Barry –

      Seems like the second terms for Presidents are usually full of scandals of some sort! -JmB

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