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NOTICE: By reading this column you may be able to use the information to impress your family, friends, and co-workers. This is your only warning.

This week I write about PayPal, the Corn Palace, Jackalope, Jay-Z, fundraising, loudest crowd, Olbermann, unemployment, B-52s, Congressional approval ratings, Tester in Wyoming, more votes to repeal Obamacare, World Series odds, Great Falls (MT) commission, Morris & Watters nominations, and much more!


National Journal reported Wednesday “A PR executive from Pennsylvania became the world’s first quadrillionaire. The executive, Chris Reynolds, learned he was the richest man alive when he opened his June PayPal statement and found that he had been credited more than $92 quadrillion. Unfortunately for Reynolds, though, PayPal realized that it had made a mistake and quickly changed his balance back to zero.”

His plans if the money had actually been his? Pay down the national debt…and buy the Philadelphia Phillies…

Chris Reynolds is a patriot…


That’s the amount ($7.2 million) that the Mitchell, South Dakota, City Council plans to spend on an upgrade to the famed “Corn Palace.”

About 200,000 people visit the Corn Palace each year. I’ve been there (Yes that’s bragging).

I’ve also visited Wall Drug in South Dakota, and I managed to ride a Jackalope there (for over eight seconds, cowboy). I’ve also seen the Big Easel in Goodland, Kansas.

My bucket list includes seeing the World’s Largest Ball of Twine


That’s how many copies of Jay-Z’s album “Magna Carta Holy Grail” were sold in the first week.


That’s how many new claims for unemployment were filed last week. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, that is a decrease from the week before.


That’s how much money Montana Republican U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stapleton raised in the past three months.


That’s how much money Montana Republican U.S. Senate candidate Champ Edmunds raised in the past three months.


That’s how many members (as of this morning) the Facebook Group, “Terrorhead Returns” has. The group’s purpose “is to request Guiness [sic] World Book of Records to allow the Kansas City Chiefs fanbase to be given the chance to set the record for the ‘Loudest Crowd Roar in a Stadium.’”

Let’s hope the 2013 Chiefs give the fans something to cheer about!


He last worked for ESPN in 1997, but several sources say, “Keith Olbermann will host an hour-long show on ESPN2 starting on Aug. 26 and shown at 11 p.m. ET. The show will be titled Olbermann.”

That’s good news – I always liked Olbermann when he did sports with ESPN and when he did Countdown with MSNBC. He is very knowledgeable.


That’s how many B-52 airplanes were built with the last one being built in 1962. According to this article, “The U.S. Air Force is in the early phases of a massive, fleet-wide technological upgrade of its B-52 bombers, giving the war-tested platform new electronics and an increased ability to carry weapons.”

I provided security for several B-52s when I was in the Air Force. I did not lose any of them…


Once again I’m sad to report that a new poll from Gallup found, “Americans remain down on Congress, with 15% approving and 78% disapproving of the job it is doing.”

78% DISAPPROVE. How can a group of people like that be so awful at their jobs for so long?


The Wyoming Democratic Party invites you to spend $75 for “An evening with Senator Tester” August 27 in Sheridan, Wyoming.

I bet they will be discussing the Cheney/Enzi primary race with Tester. He can tell them that’s how the GOP in Montana started to get so screwed up…

Thanks to reader and friend Cheryl for the tip…


The House voted for the 38th and 39th time on Wednesday to repeal Obamacare.

These votes are a major reason why 78% disapprove of the job Congress is doing…


That’s the “updated World Series odds for the second half” for the Detroit Tigers to win the World Series. My Kansas City Royals are 75/1 odds, which is not as bad as the Houston Astros and Miami Marlins whose odds are 5000/1.

I am looking forward to football…


You’ve got to hand it to the City of Great Falls (MT) commission. The Great Falls Tribune reported that on Tuesday night they “voted unanimously to approve a 1.03 percent property tax increase and a 1.3 percent permissive medical levy. That equates to $10.31 per year per $100,000 of taxable market value on a residential home.” I watched some of the shenanigans between innings of the All-Star game.

The Great Falls Chamber of Commerce endorsed the tax increase, which was a pretty incredible move in itself. The city’s finances have been a mess since the Electric City Power venture. When the commissioners were questioned about the tax increases, some of them got a little snippy. My favorite answers were something like, “We pay taxes, too,” and, “If you want police and fire protection, you have to pay for it.”

I seriously doubt I will be voting for any of the present commissioners in the next election. They seem to be pretty cranky with their constituents, so it’s time to replace the current crop with ones who might enjoy their jobs a little more.


According to the Associated Press, “Seattle police say they arrested a man who crashed an 8-year-old child’s party, ate several pieces of pizza and took two balloon animals.”

I bet it was pepperoni pizza…


The Associated Press is reporting, “A U.S. Senate panel will hold hearings on the nominations of two Montana judges to the federal bench.” The nominees are state District Judge Susan Watters and Montana Supreme Court Judge Brian Morris. The hearing is set for July 24.

I hope they have some good clean Obama jokes to tell...

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