6 thoughts on “Barry Beach: Justice Denied

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  4. I couldn’t agree more about the incompetance of our court system. All the way down to the officials we have here in Sanders County, speaking of your trickle down therory. My son and his ex-wife went to court regarding custody of their pre-school daughter. The judge ordered custody of the little girl to be alternating 30 day increments between parents. The mother had a serious problem with alcohol and drugs. The daughter developed two personalities, one for each home. The crossover was very painful for all involved and the girl was totally confused in how to behave. When school came into play, we spoke to the mom and she agreed to let the girl reside with our son during the school year and her during the summer with visits during each month. I had never heard of such a ruling in defining custody…this confirms it is just Montana but wrong none the less. And back to your topic, Mr. Beach does deserve his new trial.

    • Barry – I think a lot of the problems start with the judges being politicians. -JMB

      • I concur. An election is a horrible way to select a judge. Apart from the influence of money, there’s the problem that the best way to win a judicial election is to first win an election as a county attorney. That encourages prosecutors to subordinate good judgment to political ambition. As a result, judicial elections degenerates into “I’ll hang ’em higher than you will” contests.

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