Yippee Ki-Yay

When it was announced yesterday that U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was pulling the assault weapons ban from the gun bill currently being looked at in Congress, I ran outside to see if I could hear assault weapons being fired into the air around my neighborhood in celebration.

My neighborhood was pretty quiet for a Tuesday afternoon. There was no sporadic gunfire to be heard.

I did hear some elementary school children laughing and having a good time during their recess a few blocks away – an elementary school that both my children attended. My thoughts then turned to Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, and the 20 kids who were senselessly murdered along with six adults on December 14, 2012. There are no more recesses for those children. Their parents have holes in their hearts from losing a child. I cannot imagine the pain.

For a few days (maybe a week or so) after Sandy Hook the United States seemed poised to tighten the gun laws and maybe make us just a little safer. That movement faded quickly and now we can say that the gun lobby has won, once again.

We really have to ask ourselves if the murder of 20 children (ages six and seven) and six adults does not push Congress to make changes, what on earth will.

Meanwhile out here in the wild west, Montana legislators are pushing their own gun bills because they are worried about the gun control bills being pushed from the Federal level since Sandy Hook.

The Associated Press (AP) reports that one bill (House Bill 240) “would curb the Montana Board of Regents’ authority to restrict firearms on college campuses.” Another bill, (House Bill 304) “would allow people to carry concealed firearms without a permit in cities.”

Yippee Ki-Yay.

One of the more amusing quotes in the AP story came from Representative Cary Smith (R-Billings), who said, “Every time we have had one of these tragedies, the shooting stops…when a good guy shows up with a gun.”

His comments got me thinking that I should start selling shirts with the words, “Good Guy” printed on the front and back so people will be able to tell who is who during a gun battle. Please Note – these shirts will not be available for “Bad Guys.”

Although stricter gun laws are failing on the national level the Feds do have an ace in the hole: DRONES

That may not be a mosquito buzzing around your yard this spring…


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